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Guns, guns and more guns!

It seemed like just yesterday I was using a Kar98k to kill someone in CoD2 and now they have the trademarks : ACR, MP5K, FAD, G36C, PP90M1 and so on.

And now more guns are coming geez! I just hope that even though the new CoD has newer guns like the possible auto/semi-auto pistol in the trailer of BL : II, That CoD includes some of the great guns such as : AK-74U ( COD 4 style ), M4A1 ( MW2 triple attachment version ), FN-FAL ( Black ops ), ACR 6.8 ( MW3 ).

Put in the comments what gun (and when it was used) that you think should be put in BO:2 (main game or dlc doesnt matter.)

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