I've seen a few blogs about future ideas for things such as games and potential patches. However, I wanna be like most people and actually think about what the next Black Ops 2 DLC could have in store for us. Without further ado, naturally...

Multiplayer Speculation

Of course, what good is a DLC without its Multiplayer maps? Albeit, Rezurrection from the first Black Ops is an exception, but this is assumption, remember?

Map 1

I was thinking that there could be a map along the lines of one of the campaign missions (since I have nothing else to do, these will all be based off campaign locations.) This one, in my mind, is based off of the large, grassy battlefield in the beginning of Pyrhhic Victory where Mason and Hudson aids Savimbi's men against the MPLA. I think of this map being slightly similar to MW2's Wasteland, full of wide-open spaces with very little cover (great for those of you who like to use sniper rifles as well as ARs.)

Map 2

This map is based off of the outside of the high-tech facility you enter in Celerium. Lots of short-range fighting areas and an elevator you can fight on means that SMG users will have a LOT of my eternal anger fun getting camos and the like on this map.

Map 3

The penultimate map of this speculative DLC release, this one features (in my head, naturally) a battle aboard the cargo ship seen in Suffer with Me. Personally, I can see this map as being a little TOO similar to Wet Work from CoD4's Multiplayer, but still, I'd rather there be long sightlines good for you AR users and snipers.

Map 4

Finally, the last speculative Multiplayer map could be based off of the facility from Judgment Day. A tight, close-quarters fight inside the command center and halls of this abandoned facility could prove to do some real damage. Yes, SMG users, another potential map for you


Naturally, what people want the most is ZOMBIES! More maps, more zombies, more new stuff, really! Oh, and did I mention zombies?

Dat Map

I could see this one being set somewhere in Europe, specifically, Germany again. A good old fashioned return to olden territories for the dead. As per what the people say, I'd think this map would have the Original Four. yes I'm being serious

I could see this taking place in the general vincinity of Berlin, Germany, where the streets are covered in rubble and it's a bit hard to get around. Some weapons I'd like to see off the wall, in the style of the PDW, AN-94, and SVU-AS off the wall include the SCAR-H, the QBB LSW, and the Tac-45. An easter egg, in the style of Nacht der Untoten being accessible in TranZit, would be for players to access the entire of the Verruckt map. As run-down as it would be in the modern day, it would still be the perfect location for train-running.

This is probably where I'll stop with the speculation, since I don't want to bore any of you with any details about potential easter eggs and the like.

Questions, Questions Everywhere

What did you guys think of what I thought about a new DLC? I'd like to see your ideas in the comments. Happy zombie hunting, 'til the next DLC! where maybe they'll bring back the original four, treyarch pls

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