Last time I created a DLC review, it was for the Revolution DLC, released on January 29th for all Xbox Live users. This time around, I'm reviewing the Uprising DLC that was released on April 16th (literally a day before I wrote this blog.)

The Actual Review

I'm going to review the 4 multiplayer maps first, and then I'm going to go somewhat in-depth with Mob of the Dead , but, without further ado...



Vertigo is a decent map, with very long sightlines in some parts, and excellent housing for corner-campers in other parts, particularly the interior of the building. The helipad entrance area is excellent for hunkering down and fighting against people who get too close.


The last time a map was remade for Multiplayer, it was Nuketown 2025. This time around, Black Ops's Firing Range returns in the form of Studio. While the map has recieved a graphical overhaul, not much has changed from the first time around, so expect lots of fun with sightranges and camping in the tower.


Magma may seem like a fiery rehash of the not-so-fun Hydro, but it's actually quite the opposite. The eponymous magma shows itself as a constant hazard, even though it may not flow like it did in the trailer. Lots of hazards might get in your way, but it'll be a great exchange for good sightlines and great ways to defend objectives.


Encore is 2british4me a great map for something of its type. A central stage is overlooked by a great many rooms, allowing for constant concentration on the stage. When not fighting on the stage, CQC can be intiated in the halls and the area in front of and behind the stage.



Mob of the Dead is perhaps one of the greatest maps to grace the Zombies community since Der Riese. A great many features, one of the most prominent being a solo easter egg as well as a completely overhauled HUD, have made their way into this expansive Zombies experience. Instead of doing a brief overview of the map as I did with Die Rise, I'm going to cover most of the new features and weapons introduced into the map.


Amongst the returning weapons are some newcomers, such as the Death Machine (which can be obtained via the box), the AK-47, the Uzi, the M1927, and the Blundergat. The Blundergat can be upgraded into the Acid Gat with the AcidGat kit, and when upgraded via the Pack-A-Punch machine, becomes the Vitriolic Withering.

New features!

There's a butt-load of new features, notwithstanding the new HUD. The Afterlife is introduced, as well as the Hell's RetrieverIcarus, and the new boss zombie, Brutus. In the Afterlife, a variety of features can be accessed that are not accessable via normal means, such as panels on the wall that can be shocked to turn on perk machines and open shortcuts. Icarus is vital to the map's easter egg, and is one of the largest buildables to date, requiring 5 parts to craft. The Golden Gate Bridge is exclusively accessed via Icarus, and it contains the Pack-A-Punch Machine. Upon Pack-A-Punching, for each time the machine is used, a Brutus will spawn in. The only way to return to Alcatraz Island is to electrocute yourself in the electric chairs. A new buyable perk appears, known as Electric Cherry. And don't look at the clouds with a scoped weapon while on the roof of the prison...


Overall, Uprising scores far more solidly than its predecessor, and is an incredibly excellent map pack in my opinion, second only to Black Ops's Rezurrection. This map scores a 9.9/10, and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!

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