Previously, I've written reviews for both the Revolution and Uprising DLC packs for Call of Duty: Black Ops II. This time, I'm focusing on the brand-new Vengeance pack, released on July 2nd for all Xbox LIVE users. But, I digress; it's time to get to the review!


Of course, what's a review without covering ALL of the things it...well, reviews? As thus, I'm going to begin by covering the Multiplayer sections of the DLC!


This map, Cove, makes me shudder on the inside like a certain map I'm not too fond of. While it may be the folly of many trickshotters, the map itself doesn't seem to be too well-designed. An interesting quirk of the map, however, is that you can see the map Hijacked in the distance. Sadly, you can't see Cove from Hijacked, but it's still really interesting to see a map featured as an easter egg in another.


Detour is really fun, and is very intense for games of Demolition and Domination. Lots of variable sightlines on the different levels of the bridge (yes, there is more than one for those of you who have only seen the top part in-game) mean that you can pretty much work as a jack-of-all-trades on any part of the map.


Not only is this map in my home state of Georgia, Rush is also a frenetic paintball course! The map is small and very tight, so you're going to see lots of SMG use in the map. Of course, the map's name is eponymous to the playing style with which I recommend you play with!


Uplink is a callback to the Call of Duty: Black Ops map, Summit. Of course, the layout is the same as the predecessor of Uplink, so don't expect things to change much when it comes to playstyles. (That means you're going to be getting hit with Semtex grenades. Lots of them.)

Zombies! (AGAIN!)

Zombies mode returns full-force in this DLC pack, and what other way to start it off than to cover the main map - Buried! Of course, there are multiple parts to the zombie sector, so I'll be covering them all!


Buried is the central zombies map in the DLC. Buried is a Western-themed resort town that got stuck underground, and the TranZit crew must fight their way through it and discover what Richtofen/Maxis has in store for them! There are many new features in this map, such as the childlike-yet-useful Leroy, the Head Chopper buildable, the Remington New Model Army, and the Paralyzer Wonder Weapon. (Did I mention there's a very annoying ghost that loves to take large chunks out of your wallet?) The LSAT is obtainable at the spawn for 2000 points, and there are question marks all around the map that one can use to draw wallbuys for weapons such as the AN-94PDW-57, and more. Leroy can be fed Booze and Candy in order to help you fight zombies, break barriers, give you more Mystery Box rolls, and more!

Bourough: Turned/Grief

The town portion of Buried returns in the Borough sub-map, although the mansion and the Buried spawn are inaccessible. Frenetic games of Grief and Turned can be played down here, as the Pack-A-Punch is more readily accessible, and the battles are frighteningly intense.


I thought the Vengeance DLC was one of the finest, although it has a hard time beating Uprising. I'll score this pack a solid 9.7 (but that's because THAT map isn't fun at all). I hope you enjoyed reading this review as much as I did writing it (and playing through all the things so I could write this).

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