Im back!!! If you havent noticed, I havent been on the wiki for a little over a week. And I come back with a horrible story. I reserved the Black Ops hardened edition for PS3 at gamestop. I went to go pick it up tuesday and they gave me the Xbox 360 hardened edition. I said "What the hell?!? I reserved the PS3 version!" (minus the what the hell) They said "Oh, Im sorry." So they gave me Black Ops for the PS3 (fyi, just the normal edition). Then they gave me $20 back because I payed for the hardened edition. So all I have it Black Ops. But thats ok because it is AMAZING. Everything about it is great, the campaign, multiplayer, zombies, everything. I have not found one bad gun in the game. They're all good. And relating to my last blog post, Has anyone found the special surprise in Nuketown?

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