I was watching this show called WCG Ultimate Gamer on ScyFi. Its a competition for video games. The winner gets $100,000 and represents WCG (World Cyber Gaming) at video game events all around the world. The competitors play a different game every show. Since I started watching it, the only FPS they have played is Battefield: Bad Company 2. On the newest episode, these two guys got in a fight about Modern Warfare 2. It was so funny, one of the guys brings up MW2 in a conversation and says that he loves getting nukes. The other guy says "I don't play noob ass shit like that". Then later, they bring up the conversation again and the guy that said MW2 is for noobs starts screaming in the other guys face saying "You pride yourself on getting a fucking helicoptor to get 90% of your fucking kills, then you get a fucking nuke, flip the switch and kill 25 fucking people on the map". To watch the whole thing, watch the video. The fight is from 3:15 to 5:46. And sorry for the inappropriate language.

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