As I was reading comments on the blog about the online patition for Black Ops, I saw a lot xbox fanboys. And I have a message for them. SHUT UP!!! Xbox is no better than PS3 and PS3 is no better than Xbox! Gameplay is no different! Every person I know that has an Xbox says that Xbox players are more skilled and the gameplay is better. WTF!! Gameplay is the exact same! You can play Black Ops on Xbox and PS3 and you will notice that your doing the exact same thing! There is no difference! And for more skilled players, ha, everytime I go to my friends house and watch him play CoD for hours, everybody sucks (fyi, he has xbox). My friend is pretty good and so are a few of his friends on Xbox but when he plays online, almost everybody in the lobby goes negative(more deaths than kills). On PS3, there are always people in the lobby that just flat out rape. One time, I was playing demolition and there were two people in the lobby that were like 90-20. Yes 90 kills and 20 deaths.

I also notice that Xbox users alway brag about party chat. Who cares, PS3 will probably have something like that soon and plus, it will be free. Thats one thing that PS3 has that Xbox doesnt. Free online. My friends that have Xbox always complain about paying for online.

Well I'm done explaining to the Xbox fanboys about their fanboyness. Even though I'm sort of sounding like a PS3 fanboy.

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