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Steiner in Group 935?

I was watching a video on youtube and somebody said that Steiner is Dr. Maxis. I'm thinking that this can't be true. And I also heard that Steiner could possibly be in Group 935. But I'm trying to figure out if campaign has anything to do with the zombe storyline. The WaW campaign, as I remember, has nothing to do with zombies. But Black Ops campaign does. Nova 6 gas is in the creepy crawlers, which are monkeys, and there are monkeys in the rebirth labs. Im guessing the Nova 6 gas was tested on the monkeys and there was a crazy reaction. So I'm thinking that zombies have a connection with campaign mode. I saw another video on youtube about the zombie storyline. Its really interesting. Go to youtube and search Nazi Zombies - The Hidden Story. There are a few parts to it. The videos are by KillerFinland.

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