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  • Didikins

    Annual activity notice

    September 16, 2016 by Didikins

    Hey guys, just writing this blog to remind everyone that my activity will wane for the next few months. It has already waned significantly over the last few weeks, and yet again, it's mostly due to my commitment to football and school starting up, with a couple of other odd things holding me back from doing more around here.

    School already eats up a sizable chunk of time, both at school and at home with homework in my case. Sandwiched somewhere in between are football practices and games that eat up a good few hours of my time. I do have a free period this semester and some of you may be wondering why I don't take advantage of that, and that's for 3 big reasons: a) I use my free period for two big things: I use it for leaving school early f…

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  • Didikins

    HammerWeek 2016

    July 24, 2016 by Didikins

    Via CharlieIntel.

    Today through Saturday this week, starting at 9AM pacific time each day between today and July 30th, players will get the variant associated with the day guaranteed in a supply drop! As well, the SVO Fury, which is today's weapon, will be available on August 1st starting at the same time. Included variants are the Royalty variants of the ARX-160, Tac-19, and Pytaek, as well as professional variants of supply-drop exclusive weapons: the STG44 Smokeless, 1911 Forty-Five Caliber, and Reuplsor Deadstrike (not specified in the picture!). Unlike the free AK-47 Unforgiving given away a few months back, these variants will unlock the base version of the weapon.

    In addition, HammerWeek will provide double XP and double XP legendary th…

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  • Didikins

    Activity notice

    June 16, 2016 by Didikins

    Hey guys, I just wanted to put it out there that I'll be noticeably less active over the next two months and the next few days.

    Over the next few days are my provincial exams, so it's going to be a studying grind for me the next few days.

    Then over the next couple of months my activity in general will be overall lower, as over the summer's course, I will be involved in more family-based activities, primarily bicycling, family events, a trip to Toronto for a Blue Jays game, and football training camps, among other things. Overall, expect my activity on this wiki to wane forcibly over the next two months, and hopefully you folks have a good couple of months as well.

    To make up for the unfortunate absence, here is another funny gif.

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  • Didikins

    Hey guys. In this blog, I'll be discussing my favorite pistols in the Call of Duty series. Pistols are, in my opinion, the most popular secondary weapon in Call of Duty, and that's the case for me. As such, I've had my fair share of pistol usage, and will discuss what pistols I like.

    From Ghosts with a vengeance, the P226 is easily the most popular pistol in Ghosts, and it's for easy to understand reasons. It has a beefy two hit kill range as a Ghosts pistol, and with the addition of the Muzzle Brake, the P226 is quite the weapon in CQC. Not only that, but the P226 also has a large fourteen round magazine, allowing for a group of enemies to be taken down without the fear of running out mid-firefight, and Extended Mags gives the P226 a huge …

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  • Didikins

    Hey guys. In this blog, I'll be discussing AW's MP40 and why I think it is an overpowered weapon. I'll go over the MP40's statistics then discuss what about the MP40 makes it overpowered.

    Unlock: Through supply drops

    Damage: 34-33-25 (3HK/4HK in core) (1HK/2HK in Hardcore)

    Range: 256-900/6.4 meters-22.5 meters (short three hit kill in core) (long one hit kill in Hardcore)

    ROF: 800 RPM (1000 w/ Rapid Fire) (same as KF5)

    Recoil: low but with 1100 centerspeed

    Reloads: 1 second (reload cancel) 800 milliseconds (speed reload) 700 milliseconds (Dual Magazine reload)

    Attachments: all SMG attachments bar Grenade Launcher

    Iron sights: Identical to iron sights in World at War/Black Ops

    The biggest contributor to my overpowered claim is the MP40's damage outp…

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