Hey guys, Didi here, and in this blog, I'll be discussing what I personally think of the Advanced Supply Drop system. A lot of people, some being on here, are up in arms about these, and specifically the DLC that accommodates this, and how it's being monetized and whatnot.

1. Are DLC ASD's pay to win?

It depends on how you play. I personally think the system does have some flaws. In my eyes, this system can be useful for people that don't have as much time to play the game like some of us, such as ones with jobs or just don't have as strong of an interest in playing extensively. In this sense, I don't see it as pay to win, but more just a pay to advantage.

However, I find it to be a problem with people that do have the time to play this game and still go through with purchasing the DLC (woot woot TmartN woot woot). Those people can easily end up being those people that literally own everything, from their pub-stomping Obsidian Steed to the Mini Assault Rifle MP11 Goliath. They get an extreme advantage, as not only do they play more (which equates to more supply drops earned), but this can also give them an even further edge against everybody. Not to mention that people that play significantly more will probably be the ones who do Grand Master Prestige, which will ensure them these coveted Elite variants. Not to mention Advanced Supply Drops are rewarded for Prestiging, meaning you can get a maximum potential of 30 ASD's. I find this sense a pay to win, as they already have means of getting loads of supply drops and Elite weapons, and then decide to enforce this.

2. Does this hurt Call of Duty's image?

Definitely yes. Call of Duty has always been a game which tries to maintain balance as hard as it can, and this just takes the concept, shits on it, and throws it into oncoming traffic. A simple nerf can only go so far, and this variant system, in my eyes, breaks it beyond repair. Not only this, but the developers stated that this would not be monetized, but still did it. This, in my eyes, hampers trust in the game developers, as they've already been unreliable sources of information (such as with misleading stat charts), and further enforces their secrecy.

The game's image in general was hampered by the variant system, as it bolstered the aspect of luck. If you were lucky enough to get this variant, you instantly got better compared to your competition, and this isn't something that can easily be worked towards. The most you can do is play consistently and hope your next supply drop has your lucky gun. You see, if you were killed by something badass that you didn't have, you should be motivated to try harder and work towards being able to use it. But now? It's more like "Oh, I'll just purchase it and not work at all for it". This is a problem lots of people see with DLC weapons, and this is unfortunately turning into a problem with Supply Drops.

Final verdict

The Advanced Supply Drop system looks good on paper, but is utterly destroyed in practice. Not only this, but you can easily exploit it if you have the money, and this is just another monetizing scheme by Activision to make profit. Unfortunately for the community, it's ruining game balance as a whole, and shines Call of Duty in a similar light to free-to-play games which make money off of giving the players an advantage via DLC (World of Tanks is one). And to be honest, Activision knows well how to fuck with us, and still get a buck in the process.

What do you think?

Comment below about what you think of this system. Whether you hate my words, love 'em, or have an opinion of your own, I'd like to see you in the discussion below. See ya.

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