Hey guys, Didi here with yet another opinion blog. This time, I'd like to discuss some features that can have great potential but are overlooked for some reason or another. So without further ado, here I go.


Not a lot of people would expect a lot from the SAC3 considering the history of Akimbo SMG's in MW2 and Black Ops. They'd immediately dismiss it as fun and impractical looking at it, but the SAC3 is actually a very strong weapon to consider. It's very accurate for being Akimboed, and its attachments make it even better to use. Slap on a Silencer and you're harder to find, or put on Rapid Fire to make you more deadly. In conclusion, the SAC3 isn't only fun to use, but is very powerful and should be considered for a classic Run Until Shit Happens strategy.

EMP Grenade

Many people hate Exo Launchers in this game, but never in my life have I seen something as deadly as the EMP Grenade in Advanced Warfare. In a game where we're so reliant on Exo movements, this is one powerful bugger to use. MASSIVE radius, and may not last long, but can potentially kill your victims by making them unable to boost jump when in trouble or whatnot. Give this thing a go; it's very useful to mess around with people. This device was in the right place in the right time, as it'll definitely be doing some work.


It's a shame people look this over. Perk 1 is a decent tier and Sledgehammer had to cram the powerful perks into Perk 3, making it quite uncommon to use. However, Overcharged is very useful for when you'll be heavily using your Exo Ability: getting some extra distance with Overclock, or being able to remain hidden with Cloak for a bit longer... The benefit can be surprising when you can use it for so long.

Danger Close

Danger Close is a rather silent but deadly perk: it can potentially make that Goliath or your Bombing Run THAT more dangerous when it can kill you even easier. It's not common to run, but this is a GREAT perk for streakers, as it's basically the Stopping Power for Scorestreaks. Scorestreaks that can effectively kill people are hard to come across when System Hacks and UAVs are so abundant, but if you give Danger Close a try, you'd be able to extend your power even further.


Man, I'm surprised people don't use it at all. With the right attachments, it can potentially be the next FAL from MW2, instadowning people anywhere regardless of range. Yeah, the EMP3 is hard to use and I did complain about this thing when it was garbage, but now it's quite a funny weapon to use that, with moderate trigger control (which you will need to prevent overheating in 2 seconds), you can be quite a pain in the ass to face.

Aerial Recon Drone

The Recon Drone can actually be a very helpful scorestreak to use. It's cheap to get but can be a great way to help out your teammates. It unfortunately lasts a short time, but it's still helpful as you can paint multiple people in one shot with ease. If you like MW3's Reacon Drone, it's very similar, and it'll get you a load of assist points.

Lightweight and Overclock

Man, I've never seen a PB@J combo like this for awhile! Putting these two together will make you go SUPER duper fast, which is perfect if you're running something like your SAC3's or the KF5. Very useful in Objective games too, being able to run to your objective faster is a huge bonus. In Objective game modes this is a godsend if you're going to be a team player and get those objectives.


The MP11 is a surprising SMG. It's okay at first, but its variants are sick. For starters, take the regular MP11. Sure, it's okay, but could be better. Well, take that, then slap on the Goliath or Squeaker with it! It becomes SO obscenely powerful once you put it on. Honestly, this is almost like Obsidian Steed good. You HAVE to try it if you have it, because it is so good. But I just can't grasp why it's an uncommon weapon to see if its variants are so powerful. Honestly, this is one of the most reliable weapons up close (SAC3 is stronger but not as accurate at medium range) and rightfully so. I don't think an Obsidian Steed even kills that fast up close.


The SN6 got the short end of the stick in Advanced Warfare. It just doesn't fit the bill for players. That is, until you get a variant of it. The SN6 is surprisingly powerful if you get a good variant for it. Get something like the Hammer, Magistrate, or The Third and it becomes crazy powerful and hard to stop. Most of the variants have minimal downside too, unlike other weapons where some variants gave bad downsides at times or something like that. The SN6 really improves when you work on it, and it can be quite dangerous if you get the right stuff.

Gung Ho and Akimbo guns

Gung Ho, at first, was a disappointment. Yeah, shotguns really got fucked over by its downgrade, but there's still it's good side for other weapons. Honestly, running Gung Ho and Akimbo is another PB&J combination. Just get your SAC3's or your Atlas 45 Woo's, put Scavenger on, and you got a dangerous close quarters build that can easily take down lumbering players. It's fun, it's powerful, and it works good. Give it a whirl.

U Hav1ng a g1ggl3 m8?

So yeah, that's all I have for today. Leave some more down below if you want, there's probably some that I forgot too, because I am a moron with this shit sometimes. But yeah, hope you enjoyed, and I look forward to talking to y'all.

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