The ugly of the trio, Didikins, is back with another Advanced Warfare opinion blog! And in this blog, I'll be covering things in Advanced Warfare that are extremely annoying. This can span to literally anything in the game: camping spots, in-game features, etc.. Because of this, there's likely to be some things that I forget, so if you feel something was not shown into light, comment below!

Alright, let's get into this.

Walker Tanks on Comeback

I hate these fuckers. I really do. These things are powerful, yes, and they can be avoided via staying inside, but this really controls to map way too much. 95% of the time, the team that gets them ends up being the winner, because they get an extra 5 to 10 kills because someone got a lucky Care Package. It controls the map way too much, and you basically have to use a Care Package on this map. If your team doesn't get the Walker Tanks, good luck, because some idiots will probably walk around in the open, and camping inside is hardly an option, as they'll search the buildings and kill you.

Clan System

I've always hated these since Ghosts. Activision made a big mistake introducing this, and they're forcing us to embrace lobbies filled with parties of clans in every game mode possible worrying about nothing at all but spamming Obsidian Steeds (they suck but it's their wet dream gun) and getting System Hacks, Assault Drones, and Warbirds with the most OP shit slapped on them. You can't play Dom if there's a party of 6, it's not going to happen. Playing TDM? Good luck once you find 4 tryhard, jobless maroons on the other team. CTF? Yeah, it takes a lot to not have your brain implode from these fuckers. You'll need your own clan backing you up and a shit ton of skill, or these MLG wannabes are going to ruin your day and rape your K/D until it bleeds.

The Devs with Quickscoping

I'm more ashamed with the devs on this one than the community. Quickscoping is difficult now, but people still do it. Everybody suffers: the quickscopers are under more pressure, and the average player is still getting raped by an Atlas 20mm (aka the length of every MLG tryhard's dick). The Devs didn't kill Quickscoping, they simply suppressed it. It's still there. Trying it yourself takes a shit ton of practice, and people that have already done that will give you an already harder time. In the end, Sledgehammer didn't help anyone by lying about it. Sure, quickscopers are ticked off, but they're still there at the end of the day, and the MORS is still the best sniper in the game.

Devs and Gun Balance

I don't know why, but they're more worried about Thor playing Advanced Warfare than actually trying to make the game better. They are extremely lazy that just turn every gun considered "OP" (which isn't even a correct statement, it's usually just overused) into shit (remember MSBS? Yeah, that sucks too). They killed the BAL and the HBRa, and even then player's aren't even deterred in the slightest from using them. You still have fucking awful weapons like the AMR9 and the MK14 that you don't look after, and then you go ahead and buff all of the boderline weapons (EM1, ASM1, Mp11) and make them the next OP weapons of choice. It's a complete mess that'll take months to resolve. And remember: Sledgehammer brought us the broken mess known as MW3. This just proves that they aren't true to their word with improvement and are almost the same idiots as before.

Shotguns and Gung Ho

As if the shotguns weren't underpowered enough (Bulldog is an exception), Sledgehammer figured out a way to make this godsend perk for Shotguns as safe as shooting yourself in the foot. Your hipfire is the size of your TV dimensions, and using the Laser Sight does absolutely NOTHING AT ALL in this case! This just leaves an even less of a reason to consider these weapons that were ruined by this one balancing factor. There was no reason to do this, other than make sure Shotguns don't get OP. And even with their efforts, the Bulldog is a common sight still. They probably have PTSD after the shotgun mess in MW3: Striker, USAS, Extended mags glitch... They really fuck up a lot, don't they?


This is supposed to be the AC-130 of Advanced Warfare. The be-all, end all scorestreak that takes a lot to earn and gives a big reward. It is the most expensive scorestreak in all of Advanced Warfare. Once a team gets it, it's a sign you are royally screwed. So WHY, Sledgehammer, WHY is the Assault Drone (an effective Assault Drone cost almost half of an effective Paladin) so much better than this? I don't get it! If you make it decent, you'd need at least a Ruthless to get it. Soak that shit in for a bit: a Ruthless. How often do you get those compared to a Merciless or a Bloodthirsty? And even then, it's not at it's best? Yeah, you can play Dom and be an aggressive objective player, but remember: everybody does that in Dom. Everybody will be doing the same thing. Honestly, the Paladin is not only a waste of space, but a waste of your time as well. Sure, it rips shit up. But only if you get the 105mm and 40mm alongside it, which alone adds on an extra 600 to obtain. And even then, it lasts 45 seconds, and it reloads as fast as the combined time of taking a shit and plunging your toilet. Yes, there's a module for that, too, but you have so many better options that you'll forget about that too. So yeah, 1550 to get something decent and is outclassed by the Assault Drone. Quite fair in my mind, because they apparently scrapped the idea of the be-all, end-all AC-130 from previous games, and turned it into the reward you get for something you'll get a few times playing the game itself.


Pistols are so far and in between each other. You have the PDW which only works good if you have Akimbo (almost every variant it has is shitty, the best one is the one that DOESN'T increase your fire rate), you have the Grach which is overall shitty and takes years to kill someone, you have the Atlas-Peashooter-45, and then there's the RW-1 that everybody turns to to use. Honestly, the RW-1 is the only competitive thing people use for a pistol. This joker of a pistol (the references, they burn) is the best in its class, and it just so happens to be the most similar to everyone's favourite MORS. Pistols are such a pain if you don't use the RW-1, and even then it can have a bad day. In all, Pistols are a waste of your time, and even Pistol fans are sad about it.

Objectives on Exo Survival

Objectives make Exo Survival unique. It adds extra challenge and it rewards its players that persist with it. But good god, it is impossible to play in a Public Match with randoms. These buffoons don't know what the word "objective" means. They'll always fuck it up on you, and you'll never have more than 40 points by the time you flip the map. You NEED a party to do this. It's sad that you NEED one. You shouldn't need a party to be able to reap these awesome rewards. But instead, Sledgehammer gave birth to these idiots that are basically toxic beings that spawn Nano Strikes and Sentries for you.

Skill Based Matchmaking

It's always been an optional feature in the past to search for people similarly in level for you. But now, you HAVE to use it. You MUST use this shitty system, and it basically is a system that will generate free lag for you, and will make playing the game more difficult when others laugh at the fact that they're unaffected by it, and you're on the short end of the stick. "Please Sledgehammer, I want some more bullshit..." This system completely guts out Multiplayer, and just wants you to place a dead or alive bounty on whoever introduced it in the first place.

And yeah, that's basically all I dreamed up. Feel free to add on in the comments below. And don't forget one thing...

I am watching you. Didikins (talk) 03:13, December 17, 2014 (UTC)

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