Via CharlieIntel.

Today through Saturday this week, starting at 9AM pacific time each day between today and July 30th, players will get the variant associated with the day guaranteed in a supply drop! As well, the SVO Fury, which is today's weapon, will be available on August 1st starting at the same time. Included variants are the Royalty variants of the ARX-160, Tac-19, and Pytaek, as well as professional variants of supply-drop exclusive weapons: the STG44 Smokeless, 1911 Forty-Five Caliber, and Reuplsor Deadstrike (not specified in the picture!). Unlike the free AK-47 Unforgiving given away a few months back, these variants will unlock the base version of the weapon.

In addition, HammerWeek will provide double XP and double XP legendary the whole week.

On top of all this, there is a social media giveaway Hammer Box from Sledgehammer games. The contents of the Hammer Box are specified below.

If you plan on playing Advanced Warfare soon, this week would be a great time to do so.


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