Hey guys, Didi is back with another opinion blog. This time, this is my personal opinion on what I think is the best way to re-balance certain weapons in Advanced Warfare, as balance is out of place here and there (at least in my mind). So, without further ado, here I go.

And just a sidenote: I will be discussing individual weapons. If I don't include a weapon, that means I feel that it doesn't need to be revised.


This one has bugged me ever since the dawn of time, even after 11/20's patch. If Sledgehammer wanted the XMG to be a viable weapon, it would need a smaller hip-fire spread outside of lockdown; about the size of an Assault Rifle's hip-fire cone would be the best idea: it's not ridiculously powerful nor weak.

And I've also noticed that when aiming in Lockdown Mode, it's really easy to overcompensate one's aim due to how freaking small the hipfire cone is. I suggest making it about the size of an SMG using a Laser Sight in order to be able to compensate one's aim without completely taking themselves off target.


For me, there is one thing the ARX needs: range, range, RANGE. It's range is actually pathetic. far too many hitmarkers due to this weak damage drop-off. At a medium range, you will never get a 1 burst kill unless you get 3 headshots, and even then is doubt on top of doubt. A damage increase could also help out, but not one that is over-the-top extreme.


This weapon needs a lot more damage. Sure we can trigger finger pretty fast, but this is supposed to be a battle rifle, not a slow shooting Assault Rifle that has a 20 round magazine. About enough to get 2 shot kills, but not enough to get a 1-shot headshot.

All Sniper Rifles

The Sniper Rifles actually suffer from a glitch that makes their scope slightly misaligned. PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF ARCEUS, GET RID OF THIS. This is not what the Sniper Rifles need. Missing a Longshot because of a glitch is not fun, it's annoying.


The Lynx has the terrible combination of high recoil and low multipliers. Please fix one of the two. Having both makes the Lynx extremely underpowered. We can either have a precise gun that isn't powerful, or an inaccurate gun that is very powerful. But please, don't put both stats on the turn for the worst.

Atlas 20mm

One word: sway. I know this thing is supposed to be the thing that never gets hitmarkers, but I won't even get a hitmarker or a kill if I can't aim straight. Please fix it. You need to quickscope to actually get accurate shots in, unfortunately enough.


Fix the recoil. I can't stand when this thing decides to have a different type of recoil every damn time. I know Sledgehammer is scared to make it OP, but right now, it's nowhere near viable. And don't follow what Infinity Ward did to the PDW: Infinity Ward made the abomination known as Ghosts, and what they did is not what you will do.


The EPM3 has good stats, but can never shine over it's competitors. make it stronger overall. Less flash, and make it so that it doesn't overheat super duper fast. Recoil should also be lowered.


This thing needs a damage nerf. This thing got a serious damage upgrade from 11/20, and it was too much of a difference. Put it somewhere in the middle so that the laser isn't a hitmarker machine, but at the same time, isn't going to kill you in 1/5 of a second.


Slow down its reload time. It's far too easy to get an extra shot in if your bullet misses, and this is supposed to be a Bolt Action. Instead, we have the MSR revived into 2049. As well, it's really funny that you can actually speed up reloads and effectively increase ROF, I find that hilarious, Dickhammer...

At the End of the Day

This game does need to help these weapons out, but I think that once changes roll in, this game will get even better. And believe me, this is one hell of a game. It's the Babe Ruth of Call of Duty.

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