When I saw that Nemesis trailer today on my dashboard, and saw all of the stuff included in Nemesis, I got a little empty inside when I saw no gun DLC... AGAIN.

And yes, I know that Invasion came along with the Gold Knife and PDW, but everyone got that.

I honestly thought Infinity Ward would supply a lot more than an Assault Rifle, a Sniper Rifle with a fancy scope (and all the retards use a Thermal Scope instead, what a waste), and an SMG-AR hybrid (which we already have!). They could not have overhyped those 3 weapons any better by saying that they'd get gun DLC's. We all expected 1 in each package, but NOPE. They chickened out and only made 3, which is a very slim improvement from the 1 Peacekeeper in Black Ops 2.

Thanks to that alone, I think that thousands of people were ripped off, because of the late introduction of the A la Carte guns. I mean, you couldn't have introduced this at the start, Infinity Ward. You had to bring it in when the DLC's were already here, and that people had already bought the DLC's for the guns alone, and THAT will only benefit players that pick it up when Ghosts is about 1 or 2 years old, and that everyone is complaining about Advanced Warfare. Seriously, Infinity Ward, you racked up a lot of extra Season Pass owners based off of that ALONE.

I was extremely hopeful for gun DLC's. But this here just disappoints me.

Whoever dreams up this DLC at Infinity Ward really needs to learn a lesson or two, because this just puts me down in the dumps. A game unravelled into something underwhelming for the CoD series, and an overall disppointment.

Oh, well. I guess Extinction is fun?

PS: They don't have A La Carte for Extinction Episodes, now, do they?

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