Hey guys. I have a very serious question pertaining to the P-06. This is one of the sniper rifles in Black Ops 3, and my question is if it's too powerful compared to other sniper rifles. I'll give you a personal rundown of the weapon's stats, and give me your input on it.

The P-06's advantages

Note: You might want to get some popcorn ready.


Since the P-06 is a burst fire sniper rifle, its damage per shot was made low. If you're shooting through cover, you aren't likely to get one burst kills. However, if all of your bullets land on target, you should generally get a one burst kill against a target in the open.

Fire rate

This is my biggest problem with the P-06. The P-06 fires very fast. You might look at me and go, "What the fuck are you talking about?", because the P-06 has a firing delay between when you pull the trigger and the P-06 actually firing, and that the P-06 has burst delay (which, by the way, is small). I'm talking about the fire rate in the burst. All three shots in the burst are fired in almost one frame, making it so if your first shot lands, 99% of the time the next two bullets will land as well, netting you a one burst kill. This makes the P-06 exceptionally more powerful than other sniper rifles, as an entire burst landing on an enemy is more lethal than any single round from another sniper rifle. Pretty much any part of the body is a one burst kill area.


This is another big problem with the P-06. It's a fucking death laser. There's almost no recoil when firing a burst from the P-06, and the idle sway is small. This heavily increases the P-06's ease of use, as not only are your bursts extremely quick to fire, but the P-06 barely kicks when firing, making usage of the P-06 little more than a formality. You also get the typical sniper rifle aim assist, which is pretty big.

Other bonuses

The P-06 has a very large field of view on its scope, with little area being blocked out. As well, the P-06 has a large magazine capacity of 15 rounds/5 bursts. Due to the fact that sniper rifles in this game have large starting ammunition loadouts, the P-06 gets a bigger ammunition loadout boost due to scale. A rather odd bonus is that the P-06 is the smallest sniper rifle in terms of size in third person, making it less likely to protrude from cover and alert attentive enemies.

The weaknesses

The typical sniper rifle weaknesses

The majority of the P-06's weaknesses are mostly that of an average sniper rifle: you aim slowly, and your hip-fire accuracy is beyond terrible (although the P-06 is one of the better sniper rifles to get a lucky hip-fire kill). But seriously, does this surprise you when you look at other sniper rifles?

The unique weakness

The unique weakness of the P-06 is that there's a delay between the P-06 firing and you actually pressing the "fire" button. You'd think this would be pretty major (and it is noticeable), but the delay is about a quarter of a second. In a long range gunfight, this won't make too big of a difference unless you're engaging a Gorgon/BRM/Sheiva user, or another sniper which can cause you to heavily flinch or die during your firing delay. Otherwise, you'll be able to fire off your deadly burst before the enemy can kill you if they're using an Assault Rifle, pistol, or SMG, as the flinch those weapons are causing to you isn't enough to deter your own aim in most cases, and the enemy will struggle to stay accurate at that range with those weapons.

The end

What do you guys think about the P-06? I personally find it a balancing problem that must be addressed, but what about you guys? What's your opinion on this sniper rifle? Let me know.

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