Hey guys, Didi here and I'll be talking about map gimmicks, map-unique scorestreaks, and whatever, in this blog post; specifically looking at Advanced Warfare's.

So, what do I think of map gimmicks and scorestreaks?

I, personally, believe them to be awful add-ins to the maps. These first started popping up frequently in Call of Duty: Ghosts, and that was what genuinely ruined many maps.

The map scorestreaks were a pain in the ass. Just get your OP Package (which is much easier to get in this game), and half the time you'd get the map's scorestreak. Some of them are absolute shit, like the one on Defender, but then you have things like the Walker Tanks on Comeback and the Tram Turret on Detroit: things that can easily control the game just because your Crap Package had something special in it.

The worst part about that? SHG decided to be quote/unquote nice and made it so that you could get the scorestreak multiple times PER GAME. Yeah, how does it feel to have a free 10 to 20 deaths for your team off of 2 walker tanks?

My problem is when they aren't controlled. Things like Sideshow really make me feel "Am I in a Multiplayer map, or am I in someone's dream?"; like seriously, a clown spewing bombs at you? Realism with Ghosts DLC was absolutely thrown out the window, and it seems SHG somehow likes this idea and decided to follow Infinity Ward. Ah, the blind leading the blind...

Then there's gimmicks on the map. Again, Ghosts went overboard with it. I want to be playing a war game in a realistic war setting, not near Egyptian Tombs or in a underground mine. Gimmicks really make the map not only confusing, but overall unbalanced because the gimmick over-centralizes as a choke point almost every time. On Turbine, that one room was a choke point just because it had a minigun that looked over the main parts.

For me, less is more. It doesn't always have to be that way; but when you have too much going on at once (ahem Ruins ahem), it really just ruins the map for me as a whole. Another off-subject problem I find is that SHG seems to always take ideas from other games, and sometimes too much. They've taken a lot from CoDG, such as weapon assets, and the idea of map-scorestreaks and map gimmicks were all jotted down from Ghosts' notebook. I honestly want originality with a new developer, and I didn't pay $60 for half of this shit to be the same.

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