Is it just me, or is there always got to be that one idiot on somebody's team every game that's at an absurdly low level and doesn't know what they're doing, and they just drag the whole team down? In the majority of lobbies I've played in over the last couple of weeks, I can't tell you how many times my team suffered an unjust loss just because Fuckboy McGee joined my game and sucked complete ass for my team. And I'm not on the receiving end exclusively, either. I've destroyed teams simply because they had players which didn't know how to hold their controller properly.

I understand the game is very new and that noobs are in mass abundance (just wait until Christmas, my friends), but this is flat out ridiculous. I can usually bet on one or two people that fit the description above in every fucking game I play. It's like new players have to try the game out first in Multiplayer, and not in a private match with bots. In fact, that's what I do first thing I get a Call of Duty game these days: I load up a private match with bots and try to learn the game before entering Multiplayer. It's like our Fuckboy McGee's can't afford to play some practice games before getting their shit shoved in by enemies that actually know how the game works.

Do you guys actually experience this problem in your lobbies a lot, if you don't round up a party of friends?

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