With the game being the most recent iteration and since the holidays have passed, I thought it'd be fitting to list what I personally like using for weapons in Black Ops 3.


Fast firing SMG. Need I say more? I'm a sucker for these weapons, and the Vesper delivers. Granted, it won't be the most useful weapon at times, but it's a hell of a gun to use.


In the past, burst firing SMG's have always been hit or miss, and are balancing nightmares. The Chicom was a poorly understood weapon that several gave unjustified hate, whereas the AMR9, being one of SHG's balancing nightmares in AW, was barely worth mentioning before it got buffed besides using a grenade launcher. However, the Pharo is a good representation of what seems to be a very friendly, popular weapon. I like how it's balanced so that it gets credited, but that's going a bit off topic.

I love the Pharo. In close quarters, little can match its potential and reliability. I like how it looks, and I personally find it very solid overall for an SMG: its recoil isn't too bad, neither its iron sights, and its range is pretty good for an SMG. It's a weapon I always look to when playing.


Ah, the heavy hitter. A nice contrast to weapons like the Vesper, and I like the Man-O-War as well. Extremely powerful, and its potential can be increased even further through Long Barrel and High Caliber. It's insane and flat out dumb how powerful it can be.


I've talked about stupidly powerful weapons in the past, but few weapons compare to the Sheiva's. Flat out devastating damage, and this is in a game where the typical shots to kill number is 4. Its fire rate makes the BAR laugh, but who gives a fuck? Put on High Caliber and Long Barrel, and just watch as you can get one headshot kills like you're ripping wet toilet paper. The Sheiva is a very amusing and powerful weapon that I loved to use.

205 Brecci

This is the first shotgun I turned to after I got a glimpse of the stanky KRM-262, and I instantly loved the Brecci. Its two shot kill reliability is awesome, and with the crosshairs it gets to work with, accuracy and power are combined into a powerful package, and 12 rounds at the ready.

48 Dredge

This LMG is one of the oddest weapons I ever used in Call of Duty. Talk about wasting ammo, but who cares? This thing melts. 10 extremely powerful bursts, and you can kill enemies with one half of one. Talk about fucking shit up, because that's what I could do with the LMG. I mean, I'm pretty sure Rambo would ditch his M60 for this thing. Good lord.


Much like the 48 Dredge, the P-06 is one of the oddest things you'll see while playing this game. I found this weapon so stupidly powerful that I was pissed, but at the same time, it felt so satisfying and fun to use. Who needs an SVG-100? You have this sniper that looks like it came Straight Outta Halo, and it's just as powerful as one, too.

The end

So, tell me: what in the world do you like using in Black Ops 3 Multiplayer? Let me know!

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