Hey guys. In this blog, I'll be discussing my favorite pistols in the Call of Duty series. Pistols are, in my opinion, the most popular secondary weapon in Call of Duty, and that's the case for me. As such, I've had my fair share of pistol usage, and will discuss what pistols I like.


From Ghosts with a vengeance, the P226 is easily the most popular pistol in Ghosts, and it's for easy to understand reasons. It has a beefy two hit kill range as a Ghosts pistol, and with the addition of the Muzzle Brake, the P226 is quite the weapon in CQC. Not only that, but the P226 also has a large fourteen round magazine, allowing for a group of enemies to be taken down without the fear of running out mid-firefight, and Extended Mags gives the P226 a huge 21 round magazine. Both qualities are very strong ones for a pistol, especially in Ghosts. Its recoil isn't the lightest and its reloads are a bit lengthy, but the P226 still stands strong as a pistol, and is my favorite from Ghosts. I also love it in Extinction.

.357 Magnum

In World at War, the pistol category is very bland. Apart from having a huge firecap, the pistols really aren't all that flashy and memorable, except for the .357 Magnum. This revolver has some mighty power to it, as not only does it have two hit kill capabilities with Stopping Power, but it also has the ability to fire extremely fast with a good trigger finger, making it very powerful in close quarters. It also isn't shabby at a distance either, giving the long range power some MW2 pistols have. The reloads are terribly long and recoil is a big problem when firing fast, but that's a slight disadvantage when considering the extreme damage output. Overall, the .357 Magnum is one of my favorites in World at War.


In a game with such bland weapons like Black Ops, the Python is one gun to remember. I can't think of a weapon that's as unique as the Python besides the G11. The Python in Black Ops gives a good two hit kill and some extra power at the cost of slow reloads and some heavier recoil. However, the Python is still among the most popular pistols in Black Ops, and for good reason. Its attachments give many ways to play with the Python: the Speed Reloader makes the Python good on any class, Dual Wield makes the Pythons among the deadliest of CQC weapons in the game, the ACOG Sight improved the Python's two hit kill and added some extra zoom with little other cost (centerspeed was not reduced), and Snub Nose made the Python better in Hardcore by raising its centerspeed by 300! The Python in Black Ops is a gun with a lot of memorable value, and is also a strong weapon in Black Ops' multiplayer that's proved to me its worth.

PDW (AW incarnation)

Call me a broken record, but for as long as I play AW, I'm not going to forget the PDW anytime soon. In CQC the PDW is among the strongest weapons to ever exist in Advanced Warfare, with little to no recoil when hip-firing, a great Marksman variant that makes hip-firing much more lethal, and the Akimbo attachment to make your hip-fire twice as deadly. Who cares if you can't aim the PDWs? The recoil while aiming is so unpredictable that hip-firing is more accurate. The PDW's sheer lethality with the Akimbo Condensed is something I heavily value in AW, and it'll forever be among my favorite pistols.

Desert Eagle (MW2 incarnation)

The Desert Eagle is a Call of Duty legend, and its legendary status was highlighted to me in the MW2 days. In MW2, all of the pistols are very strong and are very easy to fuck shit up with, but the Desert Eagle Akimbo proves to be my favorite pistols to use. The sheer power of two Desert Eagles in close range really satisfies me, and I'd be more than happy to just use the Desert Eagle Akimbo for an entire match. Not only are the Akimbo Desert Eagles powerful, but they also have good hip-fire accuracy (minus the hip-fire recoil, which is still present), making the Desert Eagles a strong opponent in CQC, and that's saying something in a game like MW2, where very powerful CQC weapons are not hard to come by. For that, the Desert Eagle has my respect.

The end

Anyways, those are my favorite pistols in Call of Duty. I'm sorry that this list is short, but I made myself exclude Black Ops 2 pistols since I find that they're subject to balancing problems. They're all powerful and fun to use, but I don't respect how Treyarch balanced all of the pistols with regards to other weapon classes, and that really conflicted me with making this list, and made me exclude them from the list. If that wasn't the case, every Black Ops 2 pistol would be on this list with little question on my end.

Anyways, what pistols happen to be your guys' favorites? Let me know!

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