Black Ops is one of my personal favorite Call of Duty games, and I love a lot of its multiplayer experience. It may not be perfect, but from what I've done, I've had a blast playing this game. That being said, I'll venture into what I loved using in Black Ops.

Keep in mind that my inspiration for this was sparked up from Rising's polls he recently did, so koodoos to him.


This is far and away my favorite green perk. Being able to see equipment is a boon when a lot of people are using Claymores, Motion Sensors, or have laid a C4 trap (which isn't as rare as you'd think), and I love being that one guy with Hardened that manages to always destroy your equipment. Equipment in Black Ops is rampant and often used, so taking away free claymore kills and/or portable radar helps out your team a lot in winning the game. As well, Hacker Pro is very cool for its ability to trap care packages and take equipment for yourself. Just imagine: you find a claymore on the ground facing the wrong way. Instead of blowing it up, you can just make it your own! Hacker is easily one of my most important and favorite perks in the game.


For my assault rifles, Hardened was my best choice nine times out of ten. The only weapon I wouldn't use it on is maybe the M14, but even then, I'd still consider using it. Being able to more effectively shoot through walls with assault rifles makes it so you can easily kill campers in predictable spots, and Hardened Pro is flat out awesome with the reduced flinch. Both effects go surprisingly well together to win you a lot more gunfights, and I love pairing this perk with Dual Mags on my Assault Rifle. It's my bread and butter for a lot of weapons in this game.

The Enfield

This was a very odd, but effective, assault rifle. It's supposed to compete with the Galil, Commando, and AK-47, and is quite a powerful competitor. While it may lack a two headshot kill, infinite one shot kill range in Hardcore, a slither of range and some flinch, it more than makes up for it with a fast unlock, and a fast ADS speed. I love the Enfield as it basically gives me a little bit of the SoH Pro while I can use Hardened and Dual Mags. Being able to land reliable and quick first shots are key to winning many gunfights, and the Enfield, unlocked so early, epitomizes such a strategy with ease.

The Python

This is one of my favorite pistols in all of Call of Duty, not just because it's a revolver, but it can be so unique. The attachment selection is very unique, odd, and all attachments can be used to good effect at some point: Snub Nose works good in Hardcore, the ACOG Sight works well if you have SoH (as it slightly increases two shot kill range), Dual Wield works very well if you don't mind the slow switch speed, and you can't go wrong with the Speed Reloader. Treyarch did a very good job in making this weapon viable, fun to use, and unique. Those are all aspects I want in weaponry, and the Python has that.

The Olympia

When playing this game, I can't help myself but use the Olympia from time to time. Double barreled shotguns are some of my favorite weapons to use just for fun, and the Olympia is one of my favorites. It certainly isn't a Ranger in terms of power, but man, is it fun to use. Not only that, but the Olympia can be used quite effectively, as it has the most reliable one shot kill potential from anywhere shorter than ten meters. It's well worth trying, and can certainly help make you some CoDPoints, as it's dirt cheap to use. Unlocked for free, and no attachments to waste your money on. Just perfect.

Concussion Grenades

With Hacker, these have gotten me so many additional kills against camnpers. Quickly throw one in, disable the Claymore, shoot the buddy that doesn't know his Claymore is disabled (and is using it as an alarm clock to check his ass). I absolutely love how quick they are to throw, it really stands out to me.

The nerf to the FAMAS

This was one of the smartest decisions Treyarch ever made in their Call of Duty Multiplayers. Nerfing the FAMAS not only put it in check from being overpowered, but it gave the AUG a standing leg in terms of performance. The FAMAS is still very much usable, and it is unlocked earlier, but it gave both weapons good, and new niches: the AUG performed better, but the FAMAS was available earlier on. I really do appreciate Treyarch's decision on this issue due to this: it dealt with two issues with one nerf. Efficient, simple, and genius.


Jungle will go down in history as one of my favorite Call of Duty maps, ever. You have this huge Vietnamese jungle, but lots of action going on within certain points of the map. It flowed very well, the map looked very nice and natural, and for being one of the biggest maps in Black Ops, it still found a way to be quite popular with the fans. Most players opt out in lieu of smaller, more fast-paced maps, but honestly, Jungle will be one of the best maps I've ever played.

The Napalm Strike

This is my favorite killstreak in Black Ops, far and away. It can be very effective, and is very unique. Even if I did kill myself a lot with this killstreak, it is one of my favorites to use. It is fairly cheap, but man, it can be deadly if used properly. If not, it's more useless than effective. This is why I like it so much. It forces you to use some strategy in order to string together a few kills, but with smart play, you can usually bet on a couple of kills with it.

The Red Camo

This has to be one of my favorite camos ever seen. Part of it is because it's so unique. On most guns, it's basically the CoD equivalent of a battle-scarred skin in CS:GO. It's not meant to look fancy, it's to look natural and worn. This shitty look is why I love it so much, actually. Most camos try to appeal through lots of visual and bright colors, but not Red. It appeals by being shitty. I don't know how it does it, but in the grand scheme, I almost always pick this camouflage.

The end

Yeah, this is the end of the blog. What did you like personally in Black Ops? What did you love to use it better not be the Uzi? Let me know! I'd love to talk about it.

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