In this blog, I'll discuss my favorite weapons that were in Modern Warfare 3. MW3 was one of the CoD's I quite liked over a few others, and I personally think there were a lot of good weapons in MW3 to use. So why not discuss them?


This is a weapon I use a lot less than I should. The MP5 is quite powerful ever since it got buffed so that it wasn't a lesser P90. The MP5 is a bridge between the UMP-45 and the PP90M1, to me. Its fire rate leans more towards the PP90M1's, its range leans more towards the UMP-45's, and overall, the weapon is a great SMG to use, and one that can be quite effective if you know how to use it right.


The MP7 is an SMG that I feel guilty when using, but nonetheless, it's very powerful. The MP7 is very easy to use at many distances due to the simple iron sights (some people don't like them, but I love them after practicing) and virtual absence of recoil. It may not have the fastest TTK potential out of all SMG's, but it's very consistent, and in Call of Duty, consistency is a powerful asset, or at least to me it is. My favorite class with the MP7 is Rapid Fire and Focus. Rapid Fire doesn't add too much in the sense of recoil, and Focus gives you rock solid aim when under fire. The MP7 is one of the SMG's I was able to place to extremely good use. And at the end of the day, sometimes that's all you need in order to like a weapon.


This is an Assault Rifle that's always been quite good in the Modern Warfare multiplayers, and the M4A1 in MW3 is arguably my favorite iteration of the weapon. It's quite good, as it's surprisingly accurate and has some good damage up close. Combine that with fast reloads and you got a weapon that's very serviceable and overall powerful.


This is a weapon I originally ignored due to the fact I thought it was a lesser M4A1. It had its merits, but the M4A1 had more attributes I liked over the SCAR-L than the other way around. However, I was ever so wrong to have brushed it off, and when I picked it back up, I was very pleased with the SCAR. The big advantages the SCAR has are enough for me now to use it over the M4A1 at times, mainly because it has a longer reach, a very predictable recoil profile and the cleanest irons to have ever graced Call of Duty. Both weapons are truly great.

Barrett .50 Cal

I've never been too big on snipers, but every once in awhile, a sniper will catch my eye when I use it, and that was the case for me when I used the Barrett. Statistically, the Barrett can dominate over all other snipers with an iron fist if you are a good player. Its weaknesses are extremely evident and out there, but rather simple to fix if you're good enough. It's all dependent on your own skills to be the best sniper out there, since it is far from the easiest sniper to use, but it is by far one of the most rewarding snipers out there, and it has extreme potential in many situations. I was able to put it to very good use.


I feel I'm speaking an obvious and widespread opinion when I say the MP9 is my favorite machine pistol, but it is true nonetheless. The MP9 is just a very effective workhorse that can work on several classes. It's so reliable you may as well call it the next assault rifle, since it can adapt easily. Need something to carry the fight when a player finds your sniping spot? Use an MP9. Need something to challenge that enemy who's too far away for your shotgun to hit them? MP9's got you covered. Want something that can easily kill enemies when you get caught with your pants down reloading? Why not an MP9? The MP9 is just one of those weapons that is pure magic and power in my hands.


The FAD is one of my favorite assault rifles to use just because of how unique it is. I'm a sucker for fast fire rate assault rifles, and I gravitated towards the FAD. It's not statistically the strongest, that's true, but I just flat out love how it plays. It also has some very odd, yet awesome advantages: getting headshots just evaporates the enemies, you have large magazines, no effective shot-to-kill differential at range (making the Silencer almost completely beneficial), and a faster ADS time, meaning you don't really need Quickdraw. The FAD is a breath of fresh air that I enjoyed breathing. Not exactly what you think of when you think of an assault rifle, but hey, that's why I enjoy it.


This assault rifle is quite odd. Its recoil is almost a copy-paste of the M14's from Black Ops (if you don't remember, here's a hint: think of an upwards arrow), but add some extra rate of fire. Its power is also extremely good, making it good with a Silencer, and I've had some fun toying around with the iron sights, which are far from perfect, but I do like the front post a lot. There's a lot more to the G36C than what meets the eye, and what you see isn't necessarily what you'll get with the G36C. It's one of my go-to assault rifles in MW3, and one that I think is very powerful.

The end

That's my list for my weapons in MW3. I made this blog a lot more personal than usual, and as such, I'm using a lot more personal opinion than usual. What I'd love to know is: what were your favorite weapons? Let me know!

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