Hey guys, Didi here, and I'll be talking about my opinions on Black Ops 3's weapon classes. Black Ops 3's weaponry has had quite some interesting impressions on me, and as such, I thought I'd do this again.

These are my opinions, and feel free to express your own, or question mine.

For this blog, I'll state what I prefer, what I don't prefer, and what I can't make up my mind on.

Assault Rifles

My winners

The best assault rifles, in my opinion, are the Man-O-War, ICR-1, the Sheiva, and the M8A7. The Man-O-War is a heavy hitter of an Assault rifle that will make you feel at home if you liked the Black Ops 2 SCAR-H. The recoil is entirely vertical, making it simple to counteract, and your damage per shot is fucking beautiful. The ICR-1 is your go-to if you want something that can work anywhere. The ICR-1 is your jack-of-all-trades, a trait that Assault Rifles often excel at supplying, with a huge accuracy bonus. The Sheiva is a flat out monster in terms of bullet damage, and at medium range, few will manage to kill you if you land that first shot. The M8A7 is one of the best general combat assault rifles out there, as it fires quite fast, making its TTK quite consistent, and it has extremely quick potential TTK.

The Limbo Rifle

For me, the XR-2 is stuck in a limbo for Assault Rifles. Its potential is devastating, but its reliability leaves a lot to be desired. The XR-2 commonly misses one burst kills by a little bit, making extra bursts mandatory. This lowers its time-to-kill ratio a lot. For Hardcore, this is one of the best assault rifles on offer due to its great accuracy, forgiving three round burst configuration, and infinite one shot kill potential (unless shooting through walls or at Kinetic Armor).

My losers (but still good)

I didn't really like the KN-44 or the HVK-30 all too much, but they're still very good options. I'd use the KN-44 a lot more if it weren't for its humongous idle sway, and the HVK-30 will be lacking at long range combat. Both weapons can be very good, but they aren't ones that I'd gravitate towards immediately. If it weren't for them being the immediate options in terms of Assault Rifles, I'd say to avoid them, but because of their early unlocks and being not half bad, I'd say to try them out before forgetting them.


My winners

My winning SMG's are the Kuda, the VMP, the Vesper, and the Pharo. The Kuda packs the extra punch to make it very reliable at medium range combat and anywhere shorter. The VMP works like any typical SMG would, making it the best option if you want a true to roots SMG. The Vesper is just a close range monster that can easily lay the hurt on opponents if your magazine doesn't run dry, and the Pharo, while lacking a bit in terms of fire rate, has good accuracy and doesn't fall off in damage too much, making a Suppressor not half bad of a choice, and making the Pharo have a chance at medium to even long range combat.

My losers

My losers are the Weevil and the Razorback. The Weevil has a piss poor damage output, meaning that you better play smart or fear getting outgunned. The Razorback is an SMG I'd avoid due to how it doesn't play like a traditional SMG. If you want a true to roots SMG, which is what I always want, the Razorback is an SMG to ignore. However, its traits might suit you best.


My winners

My winners are the Argus and the 205 Brecci. The Argus' extreme accuracy makes it easily better than the KRM-262 for one shot kills, and its range is extremely impressive. The 205 Brecci, while it may not get the one shot kill, makes up for it by getting reliable two or three shot kills in a semi-automatic configuration and sporting a big magazine, making it great for serial sneak attacks.

On the brink

For me, the Haymaker 12 is a shotgun that's difficult for me to judge. Its power is flat out awful, but it has a shit ton of ammo and fires pretty quickly, not to mention that it's pretty accurate. I was able to put the Haymaker 12 to good use, but its weaknesses for a shotgun are grave. Try it out for yourself, that's all I can say. I'd say that this is the best shotgun in Hardcore game modes due to its elevated rate of fire and ammo loadout; however, the 205 Brecci will be more reliable in terms of killing enemies than the Haymaker 12.

The loser

My loser is the KRM-262. It simply isn't reliable enough to recommend. The only thing it has going for it is its sheer damage up close, and that's about it. Literally its biggest advantage is that it's more reliable than the Argus in extreme CQC engagements. After six or seven meters, good luck killing your enemies, you're going to need it.


The winners

The winners are the BRM, the 48 Dredge, and the Gorgon. The BRM pretty much has all you need in an LMG: good accuracy, great power, and a good belt capacity. If you want a true to roots LMG, the BRM is likely the LMG for you. The 48 Dredge combines a lot of the other LMG's attributes into one to make it quite powerful: it has power in between the Dingo and the BRM, but also has high RPM leaning towards the Dingo. With a six round burst configuration, the 48 Dredge, for the most part, should be the most reliable weapon available for one burst kills. The Gorgon is one of the most popular weapons online, and for good reason: its power is mind-boggling. It gets two shot kills like figuring out 1 + 1 (unless you use a Suppressor, of course), so if you're a crack shot, most other players don't stand a chance. However, its RPM is pitiful, it's slow and sluggish as all hell, and most Call of Duty veterans will instantly be reminded of the BAR when using this weapon. Simply put, the Gorgon is a weird LMG with tons of power.

The loser...?

The loser, by the process of elimination, is the Dingo. Its power simply isn't enough for me to recommend it for an LMG role. In hardcore game modes, the Dingo is one of the best LMG's out there, but strictly in Core game modes, the Dingo will leave quite a bit to be desired with its damage per bullet, and elevated recoil in comparison to the other LMG's, which are very accurate. It's still good, but the others just outshine it.

Sniper Rifles

The winner so big I can't look at it with a straight face

The big winner here is the P-06. It simply exudes power all over. Its one-burst kill reliability is its claim to fame, as it fires the entire burst in pretty much one frame. If you're on target for that first bullet, 99% of the time, your enemy will be dead unless they're using Kinetic Armor or you're shooting through cover. Its accuracy is simply amazing, as it has next to no recoil, making the P-06 a near formality to use. You also have a huge ammunition loadout, allowing you to wreck your enemies for even longer. It's a bit awkward to get used to due to how unique it is, but fall into its feel, and you'll get a sniper rifle that is simply unstoppable.

Other winners

My other winners are the SVG-100 and the Drakon. The SVG-100 has a monstrous one shot kill reliability, making it a force to be reckoned with that can easily suit the fancy of many a sniper. The Drakon, on the other hand, lends itself to more of a Marksman rifle than a sniper, but regardless, the Drakon has extreme accuracy and overall ease of use. However, it ain't going to be the most rewarding sniper out there. The Drakon is easily the best sniper rifle in Hardcore due to its attributes, and that its main weakness is removed.

The loser

My loser is the Locus. It contends with the SVG-100, and to be honest, it really doesn't have enough pros to use it over the SVG-100. Sure, you have more ammo, a better default scope, and a higher rate of fire, but these don't mean much when your one shot kill reliability is poor. The Locus is just disappointing when it comes to sniping, as its power will disappoint you more times than not. Unless going for Diamond camo, avoid this weapon like the plague.


The winners

My winners are the RK5 and the L-CAR 9. Both of these machine pistols offer great, immediate close range power, something you'll need if you have a poor CQC weapon. These pistols are basically your ticket of defense against SMG and shotgun users when all other options are gone.

A cut below winner

I'm not a big fan of the MR6 simply because of the other options. The MR6 has many unique merits, being good damage per shot up close, a fast reload, and a 20 round magazine that isn't depleted as fast as the others. The MR6 is a very good pistol in its own right, but I'd say to try the other pistols out. Then again, that's just me. In Hardcore, this will be your go-to pistol if you want one, as it has the best one shot range.


The winner

It's got to be the Blackcell. The XM-53 is a galaxy away from what the Blackcell can do. The Blackcell is arguably the best anti-scorestreak launcher I've ever seen in a Call of Duty game. It reload cancels lightning fast, meaning you can easily take down multiple scorestreaks, or get multiple shots on a scorestreak, very quickly. When you need XP in those early levels, take a Blackcell with you, because it'll give you a bucket load of XP in the long run, as all the UAV's, Counter UAV's, etc. quickly become fodder for your scorestreak instead of fodder for kills on the enemy's end. You also start with a ton of ammo, meaning that you can get by without Scavenger if you want to. Scavenger only helps if there's multiple tough scorestreaks going around, and four rockets won't do the job.

The Loser

The XM-53 is easily the lesser of the two launchers. Its advantage is that it's a hybrid, but it has a fatal flaw: its explosive power against enemy players fucking sucks. Your explosive radius seems like it could kill at the very most three or four enemies on a good day. As well, it is extremely inaccurate, meaning that you can't easily shoot through windows with it from a distance. And finally, as an anti-scorestreak launcher, it's just completely inferior (as Prophet would put it) to the Blackcell. Avoid this weapon once you get the Blackcell. Your sanity will thank you dearly.

The Combat Knife

Ah, the Combat Knife. Back again, are we? To be frank, this really is your call. The Combat Knife has strengths and weaknesses so self-defining that I really can't say whether to avoid it or use it. If you're using a knife only class with Spectre, you should probably have this as your secondary weapon. Outside of that, it's hard to argue against or for the knife, at least to me. Try it out for yourself, see if you like it.

The end

That's my take on the whole ordeal. I apologize for lacking experience with some of the weaponry, as I'm recommending some of these based off of guesswork due to a low rank in Multiplayer. What do you love using in Multiplayer? What works better or worse for you? Let me know!

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