People might say it's great, but sometimes, it really just isn't. They go on with how they got over 3000+ kills with the weapon and counting, even though it's one of the worst weapons ever made. Welcome me back, and let's go through the most overrated weapons in Advanced Warfare.


Many people love this turd. It looks like a bass cannon, but is not nearly as powerful as one. This thing just gets you hitmarkers every time you shoot the damn thing. Its minimum damage isn't even a one-shot with the 8 pellets, either! Alongside a terrible range and not a lot of options to pick from, the Tac-19 is easily one of the worst weapons to ever come in a CoD game. I mean, W@W's Trench Gun looks like Jesus compared to this. That's sad and insulting.


No matter what regard you look this weapon at, it's overrated. Not only that, you can't even use the MDL. The grenades take forever to detonate, can barely go 10 feet without falling to the ground, and you move so slowly and reload so slowly with this. The worst thing of all, though? It's not even a guaranteed kill, even with Danger Close. I get that Sledgehammer has to control the mini-scorestreak weapon, but it's more or less just something to distract the 5 year old kids that get to level 22.


The RW1 is simply put, annoying. People love it, but let's get serious: it sways like a bitch to the point where your character got arrested for public intoxication. You reload slow, and as well, the range sucks on it. That's right, folks. The RW1 is the Tac 19 in disguise, and is coming to kill you all while you dream about Doritos and Mountain Dew. You can't use this weapon in group engagements. Just holding out the RW1 will make you die if there's more than one person.

EM1 (on console)

Before the PC Master Race comes by and rips my limbs off, I'm talking console EM1 here. Yeah, the EM1 is one of the greatest close quarter killers. Put Pwner on and you're unstoppable! But there's two problems: long range and mobility. Mobility prevents the EM1 from ever being the run and gun laser everyone expects. You will run super slowly and you NEED Lightweight. And as well, at long range, you can't hit your target, because the recoil kicks so wildly that your weapon has a design flaw. In Hardcore, this weapon is impossible to use, as you need about 5 hits to kill someone, and for them, it takes one or two. Yeah. The EM1 looks good on paper, but is a letdown in practice.

Atlas 45

The Atlas 45 is what a pistol shouldn't be: fugly, low damage, and kills the slowest in its category. Not to mention it only has 10 shots, which are easily wasted because of the tiny magazine. This pistol is just a disappointment of a weapon that will get you killed every time, no matter what.


Don't get me wrong. I love this weapon; I think it's a great weapon. But let's be honest: if you don't get a kill with your first 5 bullets, you're screwed. As well, for the role it plays, the KF5 wastes a lot of potential: 40 round magazines are great, and the range is very long. But when you have a low-damage, reload-after-every-kill weapon like the KF5, it doesn't matter. Sure, you could slap Advanced Rifling on and always have a 4 shot kill, but for being a close range weapon as it is, the KF5 throws it all away; and on an ending note, it has a below-average rate-of-fire that makes it a slow killing weapon, and has some pretty hard recoil to go with it. I love you, KF5, but you have to be here.


The SN6 has some kick-ass variants. But why is it bad? Okay: shoots a 4 shot kill by default, and it has a very slow rate of fire for its class. Both combine for a low time-to-kill. And you'd expect the low recoil to save it, but no. No it won't. Because you'll be dead by the 3rd shot (no pun intended) in a straight gunfight. The SN6 is just littered with bad attributes that make its great accuracy wasted potential yet again.

And that pretty much concludes my list. If you had some weapons in mind, leave them below. And remember, this is Advanced Warfare only weapons. If someones starts talking about something like the Uzi from Black Ops or whatever (sorry Dave, I'm afraid I will do that), remind them that it's only Advanced Warfare weapons.

I shall see you in the comment section.

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