There's a lot of good iron sights in CoD. A lot of them. Some are so good, Red Dots hurt your gun instead of helping it. These great sights have made a lot of these weapons amazing.

Just to clarify, I will NOT be covering any Iron Sights obtained by an attachment (snipers, marksman rifles, and the DSR in Zombies). As well, I have excluded pistol and shotgun iron sights, because the pistol iron sights are all too similar in most games, and you shouldn't be aiming with a shotgun besides to tighten your spread a tiny bit.

So here we go, the best iron sights over the years.

UMP45 (both versions)

These iron sights are among as clean as they can get. Literally zero obstruction, a nice circle in the middle, these sights plain rock. The UMP45 is basically an AUG HBAR with a higher mobility thanks to these irons, as the UMP is a scary gun to fight against.

UMP45 Ironsights MW2

The UMP45

Galil (Black Ops version)

This is a bit of personal opinion here, but I absolutely love these irons. The circle sits at a higher elevation from the back sight, and it stands out against the target so well. These iron sights are easy to use, and make this gun that much more flexible, as you don't even need a Red Dot. Black Ops 2 sort of gutted it a bit with the circle sitting lower, but it still rocks nonetheless.

Galil Iron Sights BO

The Galil


Treyarch was very generous giving these 3 guns the same great iron sights. Absolutely no obstruction and is the perfect size. Some are too big and are hard to find the "center", others are small and tedious to move, and then there's the ones in the middle, and these are right in there. These clean sights make every single one of these guns awesome.

Famas Iron Sights BO

The FAMAS. The G11 and the AUG have minor differences from this sight.


The PPSh is a genius weapon itself: super fast fire rate, and an insane magazine capacity make for a deadly combination. But what really ices this massive piece of cake are the iron sights. They are extremely clear. The only minor problem with this is that the 3-way muzzle flash can cockblock your view, but other than that, this iron sight does wonders. You'd expect it to be annoying and not serve you any good, but it works well.

PPSh-41 Iron Sight BO

The PPSh-41, Black Ops reskin of the W@W version.


Before this came out, the AK's all had simple iron sights, but there was always a minor problem with them. All of them had pretty heavy visual kick, and the Black Ops AK-47 had the hind sight blocking out the chevron. And then this came along, and completely re-defined clarity. The square shape is perfect, and the red tritium in the middle is perfect contrast against the environment and darkness, making this an all-purpose sight. This allowed you to ditch that Reflex Sight and look at attachments like the Suppressor or the Stock.

AN-94 iron sights BOII

The AN-94

MP5 (COD4)

The MP5 iron sights re-define simplicity. There is absolutely no obstruction, and all you have is the circle in the middle. It is clear, and really does help the weapon at medium range due to its recoil. If it had something like the Uzi's iron sights, there'd be no way you could use it at medium range. The MP5 sights are a classic success, and rightfully so.

MP5 Iron Sights CoD4

The MP5 (specifically COD4)

MP7 (MW3)

The MP7 itself is a major pro weapon, and is easily the most common SMG in MW3. Loved by recreational and pro players, this weapon offers a lot. It starts with its amazing accuracy: almost no recoil whatsoever, almost no visual kick whatsoever, and some pretty clean iron sights re-define accuracy. You don't need Kick with this weapon; at all. Heck, you probably wouldn't need it if you used Rapid Fire on it. With a high ROF and a healthy mag, the MP7 wouldn't nearly be as successful if its iron sights were messy.

MP7 Iron Sights MW3

The MP7's Iron Sights from MW3


I know I've said before that the AK's before have always had some minor problems with their sights, but the AK12? No problem at all. You can see the chevron pretty clearly, you can track your targets easily, and it really made any optical attachment look dumb (especially since the chevron blocked the RDS). Combine that on one of the best long range guns, and you have a beast that can compete up close, or from afar. It's really easy to do.

AK-12 iron sights CoDG

The AK-12, specifically the Ghosts version and the correct AK12 (AW) variants


The SCAR's have always been super accurate long range weapons, and once you see those iron sights, it's pretty obvious why. These iron sights literally have zero obstruction. I know I've said this before, but there really isn't a better definition of a clear iron sight than this. It makes the SCAR in all 3 games a viable choice. If you want a weapon that doesn't need a Red Dot at all, it's this gun. Nothing else, it's this.

SCAR-H Iron Sights BOII

The typical iron sights seen on the SCAR-H (in MW2 and Black Ops 2) and MW3.

Vector/Vector K10

Despite the two being very different weapons, they both have one thing in common: the iron sights. My lord are they clear. These two weapons are weapons of accuracy thanks to their iron sights. The two also have very low recoil (the MW2 Vector is basically a laser), making their iron sights that much better. It may not suit the bill of certain players, but these iron sights work wonders for players that like to use these oddball weapons.

Vector Iron Sights MW2

The Vector's iron sights.


The Black Ops M60 is an oddity for weapons, and certainly one for LMG's: a weapon that shoots slow and kicks hard, but kills hard. The M60 Iron sights are very clear, and they only help out this weapon to the fullest. This weapon really needs attachments. And thanks to those great iron sights, the M60 can use a Grip and the big 200 belt instead of needing a Red Dot Sight. It all plays well with the weapon, and allows players to freely adapt their attachment selection.

M60 Iron Sights BO

The M60

STG-44 (World at War)

I'm going to be honest: there's some personal bias here. There's a lot of people that hate these iron sights with a passion. But, to be honest, this gun has very clean iron sights for World at War. Players have a very high standard when accuracy is concerned (compared to a game like Battlefield or whatnot, don't quote me on that), and they sort of neglect this gun's iron sights in favor of that dumb Black Dot Sight. Honestly, this weapon is strong with the iron sights. In fact, I don't think this gun even needs an attachment. It's that good.

STG-44 Iron Sights BO

The STG-44 iron sights from Black Ops. This is a reskin of the W@W Iron sights, made for the Project Nova Mission.

FAD (Ghosts)

To be clear: I'm not covering the MW3 iron sight of the FAD. That is an awful sight in every sense of the word.

Anyways, the FAD in Ghosts has a very easy iron sight to use, which is great for a jack-of-all-trades weapon like the FAD in Ghosts. The circle and the Mini-Uzi style front post make for a very clear combination. There is a bit of obstruction at the bottom, but other than that, it's perfect. And for a weapon like the FAD, it really makes it underrated. Some people hate this iron sight like the MW3 FAD itself, but with an iron sight like this, comfortable users can really destroy their competition.

FAD iron sights CoDG

The FAD iron sight, SPECIFICALLY from Ghosts.

The end.

And that concludes my list of iron sights. Do you agree with the gun's that I listed? What guns did you not agree with, or do you feel one was forgotten? Leave some commentary below, and I'll see you guys later.

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