Hey guys, it's your friendly neighborhood ogre anything but friendly about this face, and today, I'll be taking a look at the most misunderstood weapons in Call of Duty. I'm not saying these weapons are bad or good by any means. However, some of these weapons are just negatively received by the community, be it for looking too powerful, being hard to use, or just not exceeding the expectations of many a player. Suggest some of the weapons you think are misunderstood in a blog comment, if you wish.

Chicom CQB

This weapon immediately comes to my mind when thinking of this. Many people flat out hate this gun. However, with practice, it can basically be the elephant in the room compared to most other SMG's, even the Skorpion EVO, a weapon well received by the community that the user can statistically outclass using the Chicom CQB. It's burst fire, yes, but it has zero burst delay, so you can basically keep mashing that trigger at a decent rate, and you should be able to fire at least 900 RPM overall, with 1250 RPM overall being the maximum. It also has lower recoil than the Skorpion EVO, and has more ammunition. If you truly know how to use the Chicom CQB, it can be very deadly.


This is a weapon that the community flat out detests in Advanced Warfare due to its popularity instead of its stats, in my eyes. The Bal, even on release, was only so widely used because it was good, and was unlocked right out of the gate. Even before it got that three shot kill range nerf, 12.5 meters isn't a lot to boast about in this game, and 5 meters is flat out disgusting. Its fire rate isn't even that special, either. If this weapon were unlocked later in the prestige, its popularity would be exponentially smaller, because it just can't hold up against the likes of other weapons like the HBRa3, sometimes the AK-12, and the IMR. The IMR can near-fully outclass the Bal-27 with leaving variants out of the question, yet the IMR is so less popular than this weapon because of the unlock level. This is a weapon I generally avoid not because the community will bite at me for doing so, but because I personally prefer other weapons. How this weapon's popularity remains so massive is beyond my knowledge.


I feel that, even after the FAMAS got nerfed in Black Ops, that the weapon just has a terrible reputation among players for being too strong, for almost no reason. I'll be honest: it was a massive balancing issue before the Annihilation map pack, there's no denying that, but afterwards, the resentment towards this weapon continued. Why do people hate the FAMAS so much still, when the AUG is basically the day one FAMAS unlocked at level 29? If anything, I despise the people that bite at the FAMAS in its current state; I think it's actually close to being balanced: you get the FAMAS, a very similar weapon to the AUG, 15 levels earlier than usual. However, the FAMAS is weaker overall compared to the AUG: less centerspeed (1400 on 937.5 RPM isn't very pretty), a wider hip-fire cone worsening its CQC performance, and a slower ADS speed commonly placing the user at a disadvantage. In fact, its disadvantages are so severe that it has a somewhat difficult time looking good compared to other assault rifles, which usually have a combination of at least one of the following: less recoil, more range, more damage, or better handling characteristics (which is the case for every Assault Rifle bar the FN FAL, which has god awful hip-fire). Whenever I play Black Ops, I don't care that much about the FAMAS, because now, the AUG is the elephant in the room among assault rifles.

Ray Gun

Yes, your eyes read the title correctly, the Ray Gun. Even though this weapon has never seen the proper light of day in Multiplayer, it is still one of the most misunderstood weapons in all of Call of Duty. Once Black Ops introduced the Mustang and Sally, this weapon got detested by the community as a whole. It was commonly referred to as "overrated" and "disappointing" among the weapons in Zombies. However, the Ray Gun easily has its merits compared to the Mustang and Sally. Most people hate the Ray Gun because it creates a lot of crawlers; however, if you watch big YouTubers like TheSmithPlays, MrTlexify, or ToProForuGames, to name a few, some of them will all aim specifically for the feet in order to take advantage of the splash damage. However, this weakens the direct shot itself, which gets a negative damage multiplier at said area. Aiming for more central mass makes this power so much better, and you can even get multipliers of 3 or higher on the head or neck regions. This makes it far less likely to create the crawlers that the community despises, and one-shot kills are much more likely with the Ray Gun. Seriously, what's the big merit on the Mustang and Sally compared to this? Many players praise this weapon in lieu of the Ray Gun. Even though the M1911 is a starting pistol (making it very easy to acquire and PaP), that's about all I like about the Mustang and Sally. Seriously, just use the Ray Gun and avoid shooting at the legs. You'll be surprised how effective you'll be.

MP5K (MW2 version)

The MP5K has always been a weapon that players commonly glanced over in the SMG category. Even though it's available right from the get-go, it is still victim of the massive elephant in the room of the SMG category: the UMP45. This SMG was powerful to a fault, and as such, a lot of people were slow to consider other SMG's. The MP5K was victim of that, and to be honest, this weapon is amazing once you get used to it. Its damage rivals that of the UMP45 up close, but not so at a distance. What's so good about the MP5K? That rate of fire, that's what. The MP5K's rate of fire made it so it had the fastest close quarters TTK of all SMG's, as you could have a two shot kill with this thing when combined with Stopping Power and/or a headshot. When you get to know this weapon, it is so powerful when you want your run-of-the-mill SMG, as it works beautifully in this regard.

ACR 6.8

This weapon ruined MW3 for a lot of people. Players absolutely hate this weapon. It was relatively powerful, had a somewhat below-average rate of fire, and its accuracy was unparalleled. Like most accuracy weapons, this quickly became a massive favorite in the community due to its ease of use However, when you delve deeper in, it's not so attractive. Up close, it is one of the weakest assault rifles to use, as it can only hope of besting the CM901, sometimes the FAD, and the AK-47 in close quarters among other assault rifles, and that's about it. Its close quarter performance was lacking, and as such, made it much easier for SMG/shotgun users and even other assault rifle users to best the weapon up close. That below-average rate of fire really stings when you look at other fully automatic weapons. As well, its damage really isn't that great; it's better than some weapons, but it's nowhere near the raw power of the CM901, the AK-47, and certainly not that of the MK14. really, the ACR 6.8's only attractive attribute is the accuracy. Past that, and little stands out or surpasses its peers. MW3 is a game with a lot of CQC, mainly due to the non-DLC maps being quite small and the spawn system naturally forcing a lot of shorter ranged engagements. The ACR 6.8 is definitely not a weapon I enjoy using.


This is another weapon from MW3, and it's unfortunate how hated it is by the community. Before a patch, the PM-9's centerspeed was abysmal, making recoil management a pain due to the 1080 RPM. As such, most players had to resort to hip-fire only tactics, which could only work to a certain extent, despite being very effective in MW3. Much of the negative, day one opinion of this weapon remains, but ever since it got more centerspeed, it's actually pretty fucking accurate for the rate it's shooting at. If it were shooting slower, the PM-9 would give the MP7 a run for its money in terms of accuracy, although the MP7 easily has less gunkick than the PM-9 does. Due to MW3's map designs, SMG's were fairly effective, and the PM-9 can emphasize this with great ease. 1080 RPM, with three shot kill potential, is scary good. Hip-firing it is also very effective due to how tight the hip-fire spread on the SMG's are. Honestly, the PM-9 has very little problems I can really bite at it for, the only one stat I despise on the PM-9 is the reload speed, but that's not as major as I make it out to be. All in all, I love the PM-9 as a weapon, and I recommend you give it a shot sometime.


Well, that concludes my list. I'd love to list more of these, but I went into a lot of detail on this, so I didn't want to include as many weapons in the blog. What do you guys think? Do you agree with my choices? Did I make the worst fuck up possible on this list? Let me know, I'd love to hear your guys' thoughts.

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