The MSBS. People know it by many names: the Multi Shot Bull Shit, that OP gun in Ghosts, the next Type 95, the rule all Assault Rifle, and much more. It was detested, and it fell into obscurity by Infinity Ward's nerf. But I got to ask: was it really necessary for such a nerf? Was the MSBS actually that unbalanced? These are questions I developed, and that I wanted to ask you guys.

Now, the big thing people hated about the MSBS was its damage. It was a 2 shot kill Assault Rifle that went out to 27 meters, which is a range where most Assault Rifles are losing their three shot kill potential, most SMG's are almost at minimum damage, it goes on. The MSBS also had a 41 meter 3 shot kill range, which is extremely long for an Assault Rifle standard, but is outclassed by the Remington R5 and the AK-12 in that regard.

The MSBS had a pretty fast RPM in the burst, at 895 RPM. However, the total RPM, factoring in burst delay, didn't even go above 450 RPM. This is a big thing that limited the MSBS' potential back then: if you didn't get a kill with your burst, your TTK went down the shitter hard.

Now, here's what made me really doubt the MSBS being overpowered: its accuracy. The MSBS has always had a terrible centerspeed, so you can't really spam it like a Type 95, or else your recoil will go to hell. Even with a Foregrip, it wasn't good. Then, the iron sights. My lord. They were some of the worst iron sights in the game. Extremely obstructive, bulky, and could easily obscure your target when the recoil accumulated.

Now, let's go to long range. The MSBS outside of 41 meters was very poor, as it required more than one burst to kill sans headshots. Due to how low the RPM is, the MSBS became a terrible weapon at long range, and even more so when it steeped off to 5 bullets to kill, or almost two entire bursts. And don't forget, the MSBS isn't spammable. The centerspeed will make your shots go far off course if you spam it to hell, and you have a very low RPM, and a bad damage profile outside of the one burst kill range.

What made me interested wasn't the fact that they nerfed the MSBS, but how it was nerfed. It got negative damage multipliers on certain parts of the body to require one extra shot to kill at almost any distance, and the RPM dipped down even lower. Taking into account how poor of a gun the MSBS was at long range, but how deadly it was in its two/three shot kill range, wouldn't it have made more sense to just reduce the range, instead of ripping out the MSBS' damage potential? Considering how large the majority of maps in Ghosts are, simply forcing the MSBS (pre-nerf) user into a long range engagement put them in trouble. They had to heavily guide their weapon through the recoil, the user shot slowly, and they required four to five shots to kill if they didn't headshot you. If you had literally any Assault Rifle bar the ARX at long range, you could have easily killed an MSBS user caught at such a distance. Long range engagements was the MSBS' tried and true weakness, and medium range engagements was its bread and butter.

So, to conclude, I really have doubts about how the MSBS was treated. However, for each their own: what did you guys think about the MSBS? Did it deserve the nerf it got? Tell me in the blog comments.

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