Hey guys, Didi here with another opinion blog. In this blog, I'll be going over some weapons, and why + how I think they should be nerfed.

Do keep in mind that I'll try to keep the nerfs as tame as possible, so that the weapons get an appropriate reduction but still remain viable.

MP11 Goliath

If you play hardcore, this weapon has probably killed you countless times. The MP11 is such a high damage SMG for the gamemode, especially for the Goliath variant which one-hits out to 20 meters. I think the appropriate nerf here is to reduce the D2 damage, on the Goliath specifically, from 30 to anywhere between 25 to 29. This will make the MP11 Goliath's medium range damage a 2 hit kill in Hardcore, but remains a 4 hit kill in Core.

I think this is necessary because the MP11 as a whole doesn't need it. It already has the highest standalone fire rate for a non-akimbo vanilla weapon in the SMG category. But giving it 30 damage out to 20 meters is a bit cruel and unbalancing to me.


Many people despise the ASM1 with all of their hearts. Ever since it got buffed, over half the people in a typical lobby will be using this weapon, and it has the variants to back itself up too: the Speakeasy, the Magnitude, the Rigor, the Strider, it has a shit ton of tricks up its sleeve in order to destroy opponents.

I think the problem is in the intro fire rate, which is coded to fire at 1000 RPM. The first 8 rounds will be shot at this rate. Considering that you need 3 out of the 8 bullets to kill someone up close, I have 2 separate solutions to this: 1. Change the amount of shots from 8 to something like 5, or 2. Make the fire rate between 850-900 RPM. This will effectively reduce the fire rate by 100 to 150, which was this weapon's selling point.

The Speakeasy also needs a nerf in my opinion, and that is to make the range shorter. You shoot faster than the intro fire rate itself. That's crazy fast, plus you have free Extended Mags. By default it should go from 1041.25 inches to 787 inches. This goes from a 26 meter kill to a 20 meter kill. The ASM1's range is one of its key strengths, but the Speakeasy still retains it despite an apparent nerf.


This is a weapon that started off slow, and has now exploded with popularity. The Ameli's damage is insane: by default it kills in between 3 and 4 shots, firing at 666 RPM, and has moderate recoil with fast centerspeed. These qualities make the Ameli an overall high damaging weapon. In my opinion, without affecting other variants, make the Ameli's centerspeed slightly lower. This allows the recoil to be much more profound, and everyone uses a Foregrip anyways. For such a damaging weapon (in an Advanced Warfare standard), the Ameli doesn't have much punishing it besides LMG qualities.


Through its variants, the ARX-160 has grown to be one of the most spammed weapons in the game. The vanilla weapon is poor, but there's two specific variants that make the ARX as annoying as a Type 95: the Hole Puncher, and the Steel Bite. Both of these variants allow the ARX to one-burst all the way out to ~51 fucking meters! We've seen abominations like the ASM1 and the Ameli with their insane ranges, but nothing even compares to the Hole Puncher/Steel Bite's range. This makes the Obsidian Steed envious in terms of raw power.

With the range, I'd say, for all variants, to go from 2000 inches to 1497 inches. This goes from 51 meters to 38 meters. 38 meters is still very respectable, but 51 meters is a bit insane, especially considering how the vanilla gun was. It's not really a problem with the vanilla gun, far from it, but the variants that keep it afloat are ridiculously powerful.


The SAC3 is easily one of the best close quarters weapons in Call of Duty. I mean, akimbo SMG's + SMG hip-fire sounds amazing (considering MW2 and BO1 SMG's when Akimbo'd), but there's a bit of a time where it goes too far.

The SAC3 was always crazy fast with its time-to-kill, because you technically had the largest mag of SMG's, at 64 (32 per gun). With how fast the combined ROF was, the SAC3 is extremely easy to utilize in this regard, considering the great accuracy. However, the damage is quite over-the-top. Even with 25-20-18 damage, remember: you have 2 guns. You need 2/3 bullets from each of them to kill every enemy (well, not the bastardly Stim users). When you have 1200 RPM total, not much is going to stand in your way up close. Not only that, but an extra 66 RPM that some variants give make the ROF a 1332 RPM. Yeah, that just happened. As well, you have variants that can increase the damage

And not to complain, but I think Rapid Fire is easily the best attachment for this SMG, and it's the first attachment unlocked that requires double kills (only 3!). With the SAC3, it has literally everything to dominate up close: you have 2 weapons, insanely high fire rate at 1200 using both guns, you have Gung-Ho, aka the best perk for Akimbo weapons, and Scavenger to help with any ammo issues you may have, your RPM can go up to 1500 RPM using Rapid Fire, goes up to 1332 RPM just by using a fire rate increasing variant, and a whopping 1665 RPM if you have both! 1665 RPM! With 1665 RPM, that damage looks like God gave it. Finally, you can put Extended Mags on and its practically like having a third SAC3, as Extended Mags is applied to both of them, meaning you get a 32 round increase in mag size.

To be honest, the damage is far too high for something as easy to use as the SAC3. The SAC3 was gifted. Seriously, build your own SAC3 class and wait until you see Bio Lab pop up. Just jump in and wreck shit up. It's just too easy.

My proposal is a nerf to the damage. Change it to 20-19-18. The SAC3 will be a 5 hit kill by default, and after that it'll be a 6 shot kill. This isn't an overnerf in my eyes, as before, you only needed 2 bullets from both weapons. Whenever you need only 2 bullets, things are crazy. I think this type of nerf would rebalance the SAC3 with SMG's, as this thing, without a doubt, destroyed everything up close and dominated every small map, especially Bio Lab, with extreme ease.

BAL-27 Obsidian Steed

This thing got off pretty easy. All that really happened was that you had to use a Foregrip (which a lot of people almost always run) and 4 hit kills were more often. This was easily mitigated with the Obsidian Steed, which 3 shotted out to 30 meters. And the fire rate decrease the Obsidian Steed gets is almost negligible due to frame rounding. because of frame rounding, you only lost ~30 RPM when you're supposed to be losing ~100 RPM.

I think the BAL Obsidian Steed needs a ROF nerf. With such a long range and frame rounding being a complete asshole, I think the Obsidian Steed's fire rate needs to go from 600 -> 750 to 600 -> 700. You have high damage already.

The end.

That's basically all I have to say for today. Hopefully you guys enjoyed reading this, and I hope that you'll express your own opinions as well. Didi out.

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