Call of Duty has its fair share of weapons that fight so fiercely between one another that public opinion is divided over which one is better, and sometimes, neither side is wrong nor right. It's just a matter of where you stand. In this blog, I'll describe how I'll stand between various "rival" weapons that one can truly pick over the other with little question. Enough jibber jabber, here we go.

M14 and FN FAL from Black Ops

I feel this is a debate that can constantly go through circles. Both of these weapons are quite similar but have very odd strengths, quirks, and weaknesses. For me, I've always preferred the M14 with a Grip over any FN FAL setup. The M14's kick pattern is very predictable, and 1600 centerspeed with 625 RPM maximum makes the M14 a laser in my hands. The FN FAL doesn't kick as harshly upwards, but much more harshly to the sides, which is my turn-off with the FN FAL in mind. I'll use the FN FAL if I feel like I want Dual Mags on my semi-auto, but other than that, the M14 is my way to go.

MP7 and Vector from Black Ops 2

These two weapons were destined to be rivals of one another, I swear. The debate between them is also a good one: the MP7 has a much longer four and five shot kill range than the Vector, but the Vector has less recoil and Select Fire gives the Vector more centerspeed and fire rate. Overall, I preferred the MP7. In terms of SMG's, I'm always about full out power up close, and the MP7 provides just that. The less range the Vector has tends to make me need an extra shot in too many situations where the MP7 would need one less, and the advantages that come from Select Fire aren't big enough for me to replace my attachment slot. The Vector is better for when you desperately need to kill a distant enemy, but the MP7 is my preferred SMG for typical usage.

AK-12 and Remington R5 from Ghosts

In a game of long range sightlines, the debate between the AK-12 and the Remington R5 was much more heated than I'd anticipate. The AK-12 has a higher fire rate, less initial range, more ammo, very clean irons, and superior long range damage, while the R5 has a far more predictable recoil pattern, faster reloads, and more initial range. For me, I always preferred the AK-12, but after I tried the R5, my admiration for the AK-12 didn't contrast as much as it used to. The AK-12 is honestly superior in terms of DPS in most situations, but the ease of use the R5 brings to the table, alongside some likable statistics elsewhere, make my decision still not far from neutral. I just find I can use the AK-12 better in more engagements than the R5 can, but I do like the R5 a lot. Makes it hard for me to stand by my side, in all honesty.

M4A1 and ACR from MW2

I haven't done research on what people truly think between the two, but if such a moment were to arise, the debate would be a very intense one. The M4A1 has a higher fire rate, while the ACR has less recoil and a longer maximum damage range. In all honesty, I preferred the M4A1. I felt that the M4A1's "disadvantages" in the face of the ACR were among the M4A1's strong points, such as low recoil and fast reloads. It's just that the ACR was more extreme in the regard. However, I truly do value the extra fire rate the M4A1 has nonetheless, as the M4A1 plays almost completely like the ACR for me, but more competitively so in close quarters. Because of that, I always consider the M4A1 before the ACR.

Thompson and Type 100 in W@W

I haven't really investigated the W@W scene all that much with fans, but one thing I can say is that the Thompson and the Type 100 are rivals if I've ever seen them. The rundown between them is simple: the Thompson has better penetration power over other SMG's (free Deep Impact basically) and a faster reload with the regular mag, while the Type 100 has more ammo and a faster reload with the Extended Mag. I've always preferred the Type 100 thanks to the ammo and reloads. The weapons are so similar that the extra ammo is the clincher for me. You could argue that the Thompson's clincher is the penetration power, but I never try to shoot at enemies through walls with SMG's, and as such, its advantage is useless for me. I've always overvalued ammo as a player and undervalued shooting through walls, and the Type 100 speaks to my soul when comparing the two.

SCAR-H vs AK-47 vs TAR-21 in MW2

In MW2, these assault rifles are among the most reliable for me. All three of them deal a shit ton of damage. The SCAR-H is insanely accurate, the AK-47 is an overall reliable best of both worlds, and the TAR-21 has a faster fire rate making a meaty DPS while having above average centerspeed. In the grand scheme, I always preferred the TAR-21. The extra 100 centerspeed for me makes the extra recoil easy to manage for me, especially when dealing with a weapon where only a couple of bullets are needed to obliterate your foes, making it so you can kill enemies before recoil accumulates and gives you a hard time. The TAR-21 also has extreme DPS, meaning that I can afford to give up Stopping Power with this assault rifle more easily than the others while still maintain some of the TAR-21's powerful luster. I always found my best performances to come out of the TAR-21, and is my MW2 Assault Rifle of choice because of this.

Galil vs Enfield vs Commando vs AK-47 in Black Ops

A true case of how Black Ops has so many similar weapons, these four weapons are almost completely identical to one another, so let's cut to the chase. The Enfield has a fast aim speed and lower damage, the Galil reloads slower and has a big magazine, the Commando has low visual kick, balanced recoil, and good reload speeds, and the AK-47 is basically a Commando with visual kick. For me, the Galil was my preferred Assault Rifle. The extra five bullets per magazine isn't much, but I just love how the extra ammo let me play around so much with my class setups. I could make mini-LMG classes with this thing with Extended Mags and Hardened, give the Galil a bucket of ammunition with Dual Mags, go suppressed, everything! I was truly head over heels with the Galil, and I still love it as my favorite overall Assault Rifle, even if it does reload slow, something I like to take note about. For me, the Galil was just in a dimension of its own in Black Ops, and was my choice of full auto assault rifle. I never saw point to the AK-47, as it was pretty much just a Commando with extra visual kick if you asked me, the Commando was overall good but not exceptional like my Galeedle, and the Enfield did aim fast, but I did miss having a two headshot kill once in awhile, especially when I sneaked up on enemy campers.

The end

That's where I'm going to cut off the blog. Sorry for the lack of slots, but the slots took quite a bit of time to discuss, and I feel that I can get a lot more debate going in the comments. Let me know where you stand, and if there's debates of your own you like going over between weapons.

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