Hey guys. In this blog, I'll be discussing AW's MP40 and why I think it is an overpowered weapon. I'll go over the MP40's statistics then discuss what about the MP40 makes it overpowered.


Unlock: Through supply drops

Damage: 34-33-25 (3HK/4HK in core) (1HK/2HK in Hardcore)

Range: 256-900/6.4 meters-22.5 meters (short three hit kill in core) (long one hit kill in Hardcore)

ROF: 800 RPM (1000 w/ Rapid Fire) (same as KF5)

Recoil: low but with 1100 centerspeed

Reloads: 1 second (reload cancel) 800 milliseconds (speed reload) 700 milliseconds (Dual Magazine reload)

Attachments: all SMG attachments bar Grenade Launcher

Iron sights: Identical to iron sights in World at War/Black Ops

Why I think the MP40 is overpowered

The biggest contributor to my overpowered claim is the MP40's damage output. Its three hit kill range is short, but it's better than nothing. The four hit kill range is infinite, which is the bigger of the two evils. This minimum damage value is the highest of all SMG's without variants, and is higher than quite a few Assault Rifles. The MP40 has very little penalty for using the weapon outside of close quarters. What also pushes the MP-40 over the edge is its fire rate, besting the slow firing SMG's that compensate with long three hit kills. The slow firing SMG's may have longer three hit kills, but they fire slower and have much lower damage outside of medium range.

Due to the almost flat damage profile, the MP40 also sees little penalty from using the Suppressor and/or Rapid Fire versus other SMG's, making the MP40 by far the best SMG to use said attachments on.

The MP40's accuracy is also supposed to be its weakness, as the MP40's 1100 centerspeed taints its low recoil profiles, but then there's the almighty Foregrip attachment to fix that problem. With a Foregrip and a Black Crow/Legendary variant in hand, the MP40 becomes among the most accurate SMG's in the game, further encouraging the use of Rapid Fire.

The MP40 also has the KF5's lightning fast reload speeds, making it so reloading is painless when an enemy isn't shooting at you. You can even use Dual Magazine and speed reloading to make every reload less than a second in length, which is amazing.


In my opinion, the MP40 has almost no definitive weaknesses. The most I can say that's bad about the MP40 is its short three hit kill range and low centerspeed. However, those are small weaknesses in a game like Advanced Warfare. A three hit kill for an SMG is above average by default, and the low centerspeed problem is easily cured with a Foregrip.

In my opinion, these "weaknesses" also do not outweigh the MP40's huge strength of having almost no penalty for using the MP40 at range, good rate of fire, and very fast reload speeds.

When looking at the SMG class as a whole, the MP40 looks like a bit of a joke to me. All other SMG's have anywhere between a five and seven hit kill at long range, and if an SMG has a damage advantage of any kind over the MP40, it gets squashed by the MP40's damage profile at other ranges or the MP40's fire rate.

The end

Anyways, that's just where I stand regarding the MP40. What do you guys think? Is the MP40 truly overpowered in your opinion? Let me know!

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