Cod black ops

Yes COD black ops is coming out on 11-9-10 with new multiplayer, new singleplayer and other stuff

I'll be updating this when the game comes out along with multiplayer maps, hints and some other stuff.

Also for people who wants to know the name of the year and war that toke place it is 1968 cold war.

Votes for COD games

Call of Duty 1 vs. Call of duty 2 vs. Call of duty 3

All of the take in world war 2.

Cod 1

Climb ladders along with some campains and many missions. [Climbing ladders is the only special thing in the game.]

Enemies: Germen

Cod 2

Not really good at this since I never played the game. Same as Cod 1? World war 2.

Enemies: Germen

Cod 3

Battle for the Victory for another world war 2 game.

Enemies: Duh, Germen

Call of duty 4 modern warfare vs. Call of duty 6 modern warfare 2

MW takes place 2011 while MW2 takes place in 2016.

Cod 4 modern warfare

A modern game, I know people like this game.

Enemies: I don't know the enemies the only ones I know are the Russians

Cod modern warfare 2

More weapons,new perks, killstreaks and Level 70.

Enemies: Opfor, Russians, Shadow Company and Brazillian millita

Call of duty Black ops vs. World at war

World war 2 and Cold war.

COD Black ops


Everyone knows this game will win.

Enemies: ???

Cod Waw

Oh please, Nazi Zombies?

Enemies: Germen somethingelse.

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