I'm maybe 10 matches into the night playin with a buddy of mine and we got our bluetooths (teeth?) on. Waiting in the lobby for another match these kids come in all with headsets, and one kid started saying stupid shit like "I hate n**gers they should all die, they're worthless, fuck n**gers! There's a bunch of n**gers in here now!" Now my tag name is NkogNeetO and the kid started to pick on me saying i'm black (which i'm not btw, not that it matters) callin me NkogNegro. I told him I'm not black and he kept callin me n**ger....ergo I muted him.

A few matches later after leaving the racist little shit behind, I was chatting with my buddy in the lobby waiting for the room to fill up with more people and right when I was in the middle of saying something ( I forget what I said ) these 2 kids come in and one kid starts mocking me and suddenly starts with how much money he makes. "Bitch I can buy you! I make 100 K a year! I own a Verizon store, bitch!" This kid was absolutely 100% fucked in the head. "So, just because you have money, you are better than me?"

"Damn straight bitch! I fuc.." yeah.....mute!

What's with these ignorant douche bags?

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