Calling all CDWC members!

So far there hasn't been any CDWC meets, and now that there are a number of us, there should be one this weekend. Understanding that there are time zone differences, people with jobs/school during the week, the weekend may be the best time to meet up. Discuss upcoming events such as Team Death Matches, Private Matches against ourselves, and to make our clan as one instead of the seperation that has been!

I talked briefly with Doc. Richtofen and there should be a meet with us all to get this thing started!

Another thing to be mentioned is the one seperation of different gaming consoles. PSN members: there will be a meet on Saturday, 19 June at 1400 EST.

Xbox users and PC users all with CDWC clan tags should also discuss a time to meet!

Anything else that needs to be discussed, or questions asked, please enter them here in this blog. Otherwise, see you all on Saturday!

Bust emblem MW2.png Ghost Bust emblem MW2DjuNgleB 13:40, June 15, 2010 (UTC)

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