When I first bought my PS3, COD4 was new. I bought it along with my new console. At that time I didn't have internet, so I just played the campaign missions, beat it, and later on I pawned it off for beer money. Just over the weekend I bought COD4 again and for the first time I played online. I can now voice an opinion on what I like better, and I have to say, (in my opinion) COD4 is better than MW2. I like the maps, the weapons and the over all gameplay much better. I've been playing all weekend long, I even called off work on Monday to continue my streak lol. Why did they get rid of the Skorpion, and the MP5? Also, is it just me, or is the AK-47 less damaging in MW1 compared to MW2? Is that why you get it much earlier in ranks than you would playing MW2? Even the P90 is better! I didn't like it much in MW2.

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