So I mangaed to get an XBOX 360 this saturday for a VERY cheap price, and I also was able to get MW2 at a cheaper price. Now I am a PS3 lifer. This is my first XBOX.

I played with buddies of mine who own a 360, I gotta say...I am not likeing the controller, at all. I think I saw somewhere they sell a PS3 shaped controller for the XBOX, and when I find it I'll have to buy it. I now understand all the pros and cons about each consolem and I think I like both, but I will always be a PS3er.

There isn't much of a difference in gameplay at all between the two. I just felt like a complete noob on the 360. I got fucking owned! LoL

So, if anyone wants to add me on the PS3, or XBOX; I am on both now.

PS3 - NkogNeetO

XBOX - x NkogNeetO x

yeah...I couldn't think of another name right off the bat. Anyone else who has both consoles and played MW2 on both have any thing they would like to say about which is better? or same?

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