Ok, well i'm still trying to figure out this wiki thing. i just signed up, and i wanted to share some knowledge about Der Riese. Hopefully i can talk to someone about what they know, and swap ideas.  My friends and i have been racking our brains about the mysteries involving Project 935 and Element 115. We found all 6 radios, did the Elevate Your Senses Trophy,(which so far did nothing but give us a trophy) and found several hidden notes in the floor boards and on the walls. We are following the story that has been posted on here learning about Dr. Richtofen and Samantha. Just the other day we were playing a match and left a crawler so we can use the PAP and the crawler did something it didn't before. We know sometimes the zombies scream out "Sam!" but this one in particular was saying "Playtime! Monkey!" over and over in that sort of rhaspy zombie voice. It was pretty weird. So we also have been studying the map and noticed there were 5 "?", we have no idea what they are for. Originally thought it could have been a toy box spawn point, but that was proven wrong. We tried the weapons glitch, never got that down. We don't know how to glitch, nor do we really want to. We collectively had made it to level 26, and ran out of ammo.

I'd like to find the program or glitch that will allow me to have free roam of the entire map, i want to see if i am missing anything. Also, checked out the solar eclipse, didn't see anything special although some people claim to see a teddy bear, or 5 orange glowing dots.

If anyone has any info they would like to share or discuss, we would love to hear from you.

We strongly believe that there is some "giant" zombie or SOMETHING in this game that you have to fight. The first radio transmission in the courtyard by the Mainframe pretty much says it all.

What do you think?

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