Went 22-0 last night on Highrise.

Normally people run straight out the window upon spawning, and usually end up dying within the first minute of the match. I like to start off going downstairs, and thru the tunnel and make my way up into the ememy's spawn point taking out any would-be snipers and campers.

Then I make my way back towards my spawn point for any enemies that happen to be there.

My killstreaks last night were: Predator, Harrier, and Attack Heli.

Got my Pred, double kill.

Harrier, the initial air strike before the Harrier comes in got me a triple kill.

The Harrier and myself brought me up to the Attack Heli, and it was nothing but a blood bath from there.

I got the game winning kill by shooting some guy with Cold Blooded on, 'cause there was no red box around him.


What's your best flawless match score?

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