As many as you could carry, not this "primary secondary" crap games give you. Include attahments. Also give as much basic info about the gun as you can. Not everyone is a dedicated shooter like me, I relise this, just do what you can.

Mine is:


  • ACOG
  • MK13 Mod0 (FN 40mm Grenade Launcher)
  • Surefire
  • Laser, with pressure switch on the forward grip
  • Vertical grip


  • EOtech holosight
  • Surefire

Intervention weapons system

  • Day/night optic
  • Surefire
  • Suppressor

Baretta M9

  • Surefire
  • Tritium iron sights
  • Suppressor


  • Dragonskin Tactical Armor (from what Grievers said, it's crazy good)
  • Olive Green Balaclava
  • Hellstorm gloves


  • 10-15 mags. of 7.62x51 SLAP
  • 4 loads of 00 buckshot and 1 of slugs
  • 6 mags. of .408 Chey Tac


  • 3 sections of 18 inch shock cord, and 3 of 4 inch shock cord
  • Dice
  • Poker cards

I know theres been alot of blogs like this, but I wrote this up today and said screw it.

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