It's IANAF (I am not a furrie), back here with a few things.

First, because I was sick of a name that I didn't even create, I changed it to this one. It's probably worse, but I dont care.

Second, Sledgehammer Week is up. Or almost, at the time of writing this. And what we got?

A free legendary. To be more specific, the Ronin Helmet.

And I'm fine with how it looks. It's at least a free legendary (even though it used to be a permanent item).

Third, my supply drop series won't die off yet. I didn't update it for the longest time (or be active at all).

Fourth, I got a job. And it's not actually bad, I'm a cashier at a local game store that pays well. 

I'll probably update today with my supply drop series. That's all.

Bye for now.

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