I'd thought it would be fun to make a little list of everything I get in a supply drop. I'll keep editing this as I go, and each prestige will be a new part. So this is part one.

Supply drop 1: Got my second ASM1 Rigor, but I DID score a Pytaek LR. Seems okay. Also, a care package reinforcement that is elite. Boo.

Supply Drop 2: Got another Engineer Exo and since it was an advanced one, I got a cool little HBRA3 Insanity. Not the one I was hunting for, but it was nice.

Supply Drop 3: Great. My 5th elite crossbow. Sooooooo goooood. (Not Really). Also, KVA Radical Knee Pads. Which look kinda nice.

That's all I have to say about today. Except for my supply drop, which is kickstarting this series HARD.

Supply Drop 4: Bal-27 Inferno, plus a Maelstrom helmet and a SN6 C-Mas. Also, after this one (my camera is being Left Shark right now), I'll start taking pictures and uploading them as well as text. 

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