You'll see this post and go "YOU DUMB NOOB HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE THE AN94!!!!!!11111". I'm thinking that's how it'll go. But before you throw a hissy fit because I don't like "THE BEST GUN IN GAME HUAH", hear me out. It's good. Really good.

But.. there's another gun that is disliked a lot, and is almost exactly a clone of the AN.


I'll give you a minute to stop spazzing out on the floor from that. Good? Let's discuss this.

Damage on both: 40-25? (Somewhere around there)

ROF: Higher for 2 shots (Like you use only 2 shots with this gun)

Range: (I actually got this wrong. The AN has longer range. But it's not like you're gonna go hit up a sniper on Meltdown with this, are you?)

Mag: 30 (Same thing with 90% of the AR category)

Level unlocked: 55 (MTAR is 4)

Now, before you comment, here are some base rules.

1. Don't attack me without logic. If you don't give a clear reason, I will ignore you.

2. If you agree, good. If you don't, ok. I still won't pay attention to either of you. Again, you don't give 1% reasoning, you don't get 1% attention.

3. Think before you post. I'm sure that someday blog writers can delete comments if you can't already. If it was that time period, and you plain called me an idiot or all caps yelled at me, I'd spare you the trouble and delete it. Immediately. Think about that.

4. I will allow off topic conversation. But not TOO off topic. If you say "Well I like the SCAR-H", that's ok. If you say "I like cheese", you will be ignored.

Got it? NOW you may call me an idiot so I will ignore you and probably disrespect you for a while.

Also, my proof comes from this wiki. I pulled two tabs up and looked this over. I DID MY RESEARCH. DO YOUR RESEARCH AS WELL.

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