I'm fucking tired of all these motherf*ckers who think they're so f*cking cool because they can run around with a gun and kill people. The worse part is people believe it and fucking copy them. I can't go two matches without some pansy-ass motherf*cker pulling out a pair of akimbo rangers, or G18s and then running around the map like a f*cking retard on a caffeine rush. It f*cking pisses me off. Then there's the f*cking ass-whipes that use danger close to get some easy kills. it's all so f*cking retarded. Anyone who plays that way or has marathon+lightweight+commando or any other f*cking sprint class can go die in a hole so people who actually play normally can have fun. I guarantee you that getting killed by a 12 year old who's balls haven't even dropped yet, gets pretty f*cking old, pretty f*cking fast. So f*cking man up and stop f*cking using the cheap way to get kills.

I apologize for the profanity, but is essential to getting my point across

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