As Call of Duty 9 (aka Black Ops 2)'s world reveal is right around the corner, I decided that it would be a good idea to break out the predictions. After looking through the intel of Black Ops 1, I came to the following predictions.

"The game takes place in the late 1970s, during Operation Charybdis. Mason is declared a threat to national security because he still hears Reznov’s voice, as well as assassinating President Kennedy.

Mason, Hudson, and Weaver (who still trust Mason) flee to Johannesburg, South Africa (where Doctor Clarke’s brother lives), and hide from “a young SAS operator named Jonathan [REDACTED]” (possibly a young Captain Price), under the supervision of a CIA Analyst named Ryan Jackson.

While in Johannesburg, Mason is contacted by a mysterious informant named “X” that Frank Woods is still alive, and remains as “the sole remaining occupant of Hotel Hanoi”.

Their hideout in Johannesburg is compromised, and they attempt to break Woods out of Hanoi.

Reznov is still alive, and is possibly X."

Of course, these are just my predictions, so be sure to leave yours in the comments!

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