Hello everyone. It's Frohman again and I am raging at the moment.

Today in chat I brought up Lev Kravchenko 's appearence in Modern Warfare 3 . We (Panzer and Twigy) were wondering if it was a legitimate appearence or just a "super secret Easter Egg" that's non-canonical.

Somehow, this spread out from Kravchenko to Captain Price.

I asked how old Price was in 2011. It was not possible to be figured out because of no official confirmation, but we came to the conclusion that he is somewhere between 49 and 56.

If he was 53 in 2011, he was 20 years old in 1978. According to Panzer in order to join the SAS, one must have "at least 39 months of consecutive service" and "must not be older than 38".

According to, "a young SAS operator named Jonathan" helped the Operation. Note, the last name of "Jonathan" is whited out, but it appears to be able to fit about five letters... perfect for a "Price". And according to this , it appears to be able to fit.

Now... I'm not one for theories of any kind, but isn't this all a little bit... eh... obvious? Treyarch has basically given the plot details of the entire Black Ops sequel as it is. The letters from "X"... And now that we have this... it's just all a bit crazy.

Could it mean that the two companies will help each other? Will it mean that Captain Price and Alex Mason will meet face to face? The suspense is building inside of me (and hopefully all of you, too.)

Leave your opinions, conspiracy theories and the like in the comments below! Perhaps we'll be able to figure out the whole game before Treyarch can even release information.

-Edit- We found out that Kravchenko died about 2 years before Makarov was born, so just ignore that part.

Thank you, --Frohman Avatar Dr. FrohmanHurr talk 2 meh RomanBellic-GTAIV 14:44, December 6, 2011 (UTC)

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