Today something happened.This is a story unlikely you will hear again, for sure.


Well, I had a very bad day today and I told myself "Pfew finally home, I can play some cod".I did all the things, got dressed, ate and jumped on the computer.I had some photos on my phone so I plugged my USB connected to the phone into the PC.I copied the photos and I noticed my net got significantly slower and everything else.I started cod4, as I am a person who cannot stand lag , not even 5 seconds (excepting codwaw).I searched for a server, I saw one on Downpour (I generally dislike the map but anyway).It was half empty, everyone ran and ran and people shot and shot and ok.I chosed SAS, the team balanced, I was thrown into Spetsnaz "Oh my, how bad could it be even?".I choosed a custom made sniper class.I was spawned next to a wall "Dammit I told myself a colt? Why would I ever choose this pistol for ants? And oh yeah, to make a balance, the deagle has much too high recoil to pair it with a sniper" So I got on.I got to prone mode and tried to aim.Three players from the enemy team cape from behind the wall and shot all of my allies, I was kinda scared, I dared to shoot my colt 'till it was 0 ammo."K" I said to myself, I missed most of the shots, I got up and ran with the knife, I knifed down the other two and the other who came.Well I was pretty surprised , I suck at this kind of games, I continued.I walked on and saw players stuck behind some walls, in the front alley a player was shooting a seemingly unlimited-ammo RPD.I told myself I can handle this even tough I could not, I tried to flank the guy and It didn't work, so I did what all desperate people would do, I told myself to test my luck and aimed at the guy with my sniper (scope), aaaaand surprise! I headshoted him, good one! I told myself and continued trying to banzai-charge (with my knife) a guy who ran away.I came into a small sandy corner of the map with a barn and some symmetrical buildings.Enemy players were all around me, I told myself I was utterly f***ed.I remembered that one quote from Halo wich still fuels me "Finish the fight" .I started running in circles, trying to knife people as I already destroyed all my ammo trying to shoot them.I made no kill with the gun, so I started knifing around randomly.I was under DAMN HEAVY FIRE and I received continous damage while running.Got out with no scar suprisingly.I got back there and knifed in circles, I started running after people (they were still there) and one turned and continously shot at me, the damage indicator was still there, blinded by the red screen when damaged.I was not dying "What kind of sorcery is this?" .I melee'd the guy with no problem, and the rest, I told myself playing Assassin's Creed finally repays.I made like 6 consecutive kills this way, people started calling me all kind of insults, didn't mind.Thought I was real good.The game ended.At the player-list I unplugged my USB, and that my phone was charged fully, weird, I remember bringing it home with the battery half depleted.Anyway, I left the game in the taskbar and opened the net, and I noticed it significantly grew in speed.I returned to the game, another round started, this one round I sucked totally, that kind of "invincibility" was gone.Frustrated of many deaths I had I quit.

Boring, right?

Then I realised what, the internet slow speed was caused by the USB card (dunno why tough) wich also slowed down my game, having kinda high ping, technically I didn't exist, only I did, just for me (complicated eh?) and thus didn't exist for the other players, such that I could not receive damage.As the USB was removed, the whole normality came crashing on me.

Pretty neat huh?

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