Over the following months, we have come to morn for the disappearance of a great and long known friend: URL. The bestest bot ever in history of ever. Investigators have been hired to see if his whereabouts can be tracked down. As of right now, there are three main suspects. Firstly, Holo the Wise Wolf. Investigaors have pointed to this suspicious person who just happened to take the place of URL right after his disappearance. They have said that motives were jealousy, wanting to be in URL's position but not having any chance at it. That is until URL was out of the way.


Although no name is known of this second suspect, we are aware at the moment that it is a Walrus. Please, be on the look-out for any suspicious looking walruses that you may see.


The third, and most surprising suspect is none other than Lord Gaben himself. Although no initial connections have been made, they are investigating Gaben in the case that he might be the Batman. There is also some that are thinking he may also be Ghost, which would put down all theories that he died during some unknown altercations.


That is all of the information that is available right now. Thank you for reading, please like, favourite, and subscribe. 

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