A lot of people, me included obviously, have seen the multiplayer reveal trailer for Advanced Warfare and were either amazed or impressed by what was seen. One thing I noted, after seeing various sources about features to be in the game is that besides bringing a fresh change up to Call of Duty, it's also building on top of a long since set foundation that BO2 had already laid out (and for one aspect, MW3/Ghosts).

They've brought back the Pick-10, or rather Pick-13 this time around. This is a great decision. The Pick-10 system was my favourite, and honestly the best Create-A-Class system that the series has seen (in my opinion). I'm glad to see that Sledgehamer has brought it back. But not only have they brought it back, they have added to it. This is the note they've taken from MW3/Ghosts (and the only time I think I'll ever say that with a smile on my face), where streaks are now attached to the class rather than the player. However, they're also apart of the Create-A-Class system and count toward a point in the Pick-13. So you can choose to have three (or four with streaker) streaks, and a regular class, or get rid of them and suit up for a much more advanced arsenal. 

Other than just the Create-A-Class, I gotta say that the weapons all look unique and interesting. I'm particularly interested in the directed-energy weapons. They seem to have low damage, but with the trade off of having lower recoil, no damage drop-off (only because this would be a logical thing to do), and obviously unlimited ammunition (but apparently the battery cells can be burnt out).

Scorestreaks are back (and I'm happy to see another best of the series return) and have also been changed, as they can now be customized and there are also killstreaks which other players can actually join into (you see this in the trailer, when a player pulls out their killstreak-pad and it says "Joining..." on the screen). Some customizations come at the price of a higher score to be obtained. 

That seems to be all she's wrote. I can only hope that this year gives us a great CoD game to play.

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