Hello wikia,

This is my first blog entry, so please excuse me for anything which looks/sounds wrong.

Im going to do a weapon review (coz I see many people do it) and my choice of weapon is the M14 in black ops.

The pros on this gun are acceptable:

  • 3 shots to the any part of the body
  • two shots for a headshot
  • No worry for ammunition consumption
  • Medium recoil (increased recoil with an ACOG scope)
  • clear sights

Now im on the not so good points:

  • Semi automatic makes the weapon difficult for close quarters
  • Can easily be outnumbered by fully automatic and burst weapons

To my opinion, some good attachments would be either:

  • an optic, ACOG is not recommended (but I use it)
  • The grip
  • Grenade launcher

If you want to get a good latch at someone, use the perk 'hardened' as it would be more useful in long range combat.

The M14 may not be the best weapon, but someone who has a fast trigger finger and good experience should use the weapon as a good edge on enemies.

Hope ya like.


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