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  • Drkdragonz66

    The official CALLOFDUTY youtube channel has uploaded the livestream of the hands-on world multiplayer premiere from Gamescom. Below you can watch real multiplayer footage from pro European players, listen to interviews with developers from Infinity Ward, and even look at the debut of the new map Chasm and game mode Blitz (Game Mode).

    There is plenty of new information about multiplayer released, and the other administrators are helping post important information to the wiki. Check back later for updated information!

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  • Drkdragonz66

    @candyslexia has stated in a tweet that Call of Duty: Ghosts will have some sort of cooperative mode. It's unknown if this cooperative mode will be similar to MW2 or MW3's Special Ops mode, and there are currently no plans to release any info about this mysterious mode.

    • IGN - Call of Duty: Ghosts Has a Mysterious Co-Op Mode
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  • Drkdragonz66

    Thanks to @LiamFTWinter, we know that four new personalization packs will be released on May 29th on the Xbox 360. (Descriptions may not be exactly true and note that the reticles will only be available for ACOG, EOTech, Hybrid and Reflex optics.)

    • Cyborg Pack - "From the distant future comes the Call of Duty: Black Ops II Cyborg Personalization Pack, fully loaded with an electro-tech themed weapon skin, three uniquely reticules, and a new calling card."
    • Dragon Pack - "Inspired by an armored body of a mythical dragon, the Call of Duty: Black Ops II Dragon Personalization pack comes loaded with a dragon scale themed weapon skin, three uniquely shaped reticules, and a new calling card."
    • Paladin Pack - "Inspired by the regal insignias of the Midd…
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  • Drkdragonz66

    After a series of short Replacer videos being uploaded (and consequently marked as unlisted and later used for the site ) from the Call of Duty official YouTube channel, a trailer similar to the last "The Replacer" trailer was released today, called "The Replacers", to promote the Uprising DLC pack.

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  • Drkdragonz66

    Call of Duty ELITE, making its debut during the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, has been redesigned for easier use and navigation. Registered users can access a hover menu at the top of the screen to move around its various features easily.

    Call of Duty ELITE's other features have been tweaked a bit:

    • Career - Info has been separated by game and can be found under each game title header in the menu. Here you can check out your Career Summary and Recent Matches, tweak your Custom Classes, track Challenges and Leaderboards, and view your Weapon Performance.
    • Clan HQ - Formally called Connect, Clan HQ shows all your Clan stats, including Clan Competitions, Rewards, and Clan XP.
    • Competitions - Compete has been changed to Competitions, and dis…

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