Call of Duty ELITE, making its debut during the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, has been redesigned for easier use and navigation. Registered users can access a hover menu at the top of the screen to move around its various features easily.

Call of Duty ELITE's other features have been tweaked a bit:
  • Career - Info has been separated by game and can be found under each game title header in the menu. Here you can check out your Career Summary and Recent Matches, tweak your Custom Classes, track Challenges and Leaderboards, and view your Weapon Performance.
  • Clan HQ - Formally called Connect, Clan HQ shows all your Clan stats, including Clan Competitions, Rewards, and Clan XP.
  • Competitions - Compete has been changed to Competitions, and displays Events, Clan Challenges, Clan Operations, and Lone Wolf Operations.
  • Improve - Links are now located under each game title header in the menu, and breaks down Maps, Weapons and Lethal/Tactical items, Attachments and Proficiencies, Perks, Strike Packages, Deathstreaks, and Game Modes.
  • My HQ - My HQ is your hub for finding Game Summaries, the Vault, Recent Badges, and your Feed, which includes Notifications and Invites.
  • ELITE TV - ELITE TV remains ELITE TV, and Theater mode can be accessed by clicking the green Theater filter in the upper-left portion of the screen.


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